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Nine knife "mistress" official movie house spend Spring nine righting knife "mistress" appeared according to Taiwan media reports, nine knives and 8 months ago as composite anchor Zhou Tingyu more love more high-profile, Ang Lee directed the movie last night held celebrity special premiere, a large number of filmmakers and media at the scene to watch, nine a knife with her makeup appearance, she is told from the mistress Fuzheng "quasi knife sister-in-law" position, the couple later in the mall restaurant booth to date, then drove her back to the nest cohabitation is a Ang Lee movie, I let him to meditate or girlfriend accompany eat accompany watching movies, with home let him head on the way, illegal bus lanes. Nine knife and split Zhou Tingyu in June 3 months of exposure in the composite, the couple live in his direct hit 76 million yuan (about 16 million yuan) to buy a new house, more generous public interaction. Last night, reporters saw the couple sitting next to, enjoy the delicacy of sweet word collocation, with strong flash atmosphere, almost Zhou Tingyu makeup looks good, her boyfriend is having to shine with happiness. The wrong bus lanes to at night more than 10 points, nine knife head elevation angle of 45 degrees of pride led Zhou Tingyu to leave, then take the elevator downstairs to take the car, a large knife at the moment with Xiangche beauty, drove especially smooth, turning and lane change unexpectedly, the smooth and clean, Xinyi Road, Lane accidentally on the wrong bus, drove for a while, then calmly cut back to the normal lane, finally back to the mansion to spend the night with Zhou Tingyu. Although it is a romantic tour, but according to "road traffic management regulations" punishment forty-fifth first fourth small passenger cars, illegal driving bus lanes at 600 yuan (about 128 yuan), more than 1800 yuan (about 386 yuan) fine, although the nine knife "would be 1 a small cake, but the illegal behavior does cause poor social perception. In this regard, nine knife through a brokerage firm response: "because the unfamiliar road, a wrong, found as soon as possible after the traffic on the road to the right, the future will be more careful, thank you." As for the emotional progress, the company said that private things do not respond much. See the "big knife" I wish you a happy voyage. yesterday after returning home, Ang Lee for the movie I posted on Facebook: "lucky to see Ang Lee in the film forum after mapping. What is called truth is the overlapping of multiple conflicts and contradictions…… In fact, who really know, a person in your eyes?" Interestingly, the last 1 sentences apply to his feelings, small or Zhou Tingyu, who really know him? But last night, nine knives also took Zhou Tingyu into the opening film appreciation "" don’t care I wish you a happy voyage., public attention. Quasi knife sister-in-law favor luxury 201609: Nine secure to rely on upgrading the knife and Zhou Tingyu composite, 2 people moved to the new house semi cohabitation, and his girlfriend live in small old apartment has obvious discrimination cars pick 201609: Nine knife replaced 2 years ago Zhou Tingyu’s betrayal to rub iron white Benz, modified white when Audi love of the car for 2016 feet 10:2 love dating, Zhou Tingyu with a calf itching, nine knife immediately squat clean for her public debut at the roadside 201611 feet: Nine knife bit相关的主题文章: