New Office Announcement For Davis, Ermis, &

Bankruptcy Davis, Ermis, & Roberts would like to announce their opening of a new office in Arlington, Texas. The firm will still have a presence in Grand Prairie, but will now be able to handle more clients in Arlington. Their new office is located at 1010 N Center St., Arlington Texas 76011. They offer the same practice areas that they have at their Grand Prairie office. These areas include criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, business litigation, and tax. Craig Davis is one of three partners at this firm. Craigs primary practice area is bankruptcy law. In his bankruptcy practice, he helps clients with chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy, and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Craigs expertise in this area of law will allow him to tell you exactly what you need to know to get back on the right foot. Bankruptcy law is an incredibly .plex issue and requires close analysis. Craig will ensure that your assets are protected as much as they can be from your creditors. The sooner you visit with an attorney about a bankruptcy issue, the better your chances are of your assets being protected. Jeff Ermis is another partner at Davis, Ermis, & Roberts. Jeffs major area of practice is family law. Jeff helps clients with divorces, child custody disputes, child support issues, adoptions, parental termination suits and other family law related issues. With their move to Arlington, Jeff can now handle more Tarrant County family law cases. Similar to Dallas County, Tarrant County also has its own family law courts with its own family law judges. Jeff is familiar with these courts and can tell you what to expect from each judge. Ron Roberts is the third partner at this law firm. Ron handles most of the business litigation cases as well as the criminal defense cases. This move to Arlington will allow Ron to help the big businesses located in the city. Ron takes pride in helping small businesses be.e big ones and helping big businesses protect themselves from lawsuits. Arlington is a big city with a big police department. That means that a lot of people get arrested for crimes they may not have .mitted. Ron will meet with you about a case and let you know what your chances are like. Note: This is not an advertisement on behalf of Davis, Ermis, & Roberts. This is also not legal advice. Reading this article does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Davis, Ermis, & Roberts. Confirm all information stated herein with an attorney. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: