[new] Bank of Wuxi in September 8th to purchase the top grid purchase with market capitalization of actv

[new] Bank of Wuxi in September 8th to purchase the top box purchase needs with a market value of 550 thousand according to the Shanghai stock exchange announcement, Wuxi rural commercial bank, the Limited by Share Ltd will purchase, in September 8th, Bank of Wuxi. The total number of issued 184811482 shares, online issue of 55441000 shares, 9.91 times the earnings release, purchase code: 730908, the issue price of 4.47 yuan, the ballot payment date for September 12th (Monday), intends to landing the Shanghai Stock exchange. [basic information] stock code 600908   shares;   Bank of Wuxi purchase code   730908 listing   Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the price (4.47 yuan / share issue price earnings ratio)     9.91 of the reference price earnings ratio of monetary and financial services industry reference industry earnings (latest)   6.19 release; par value (yuan) the actual total proceeds (100 million yuan) 8.26 online release date   2016-09-08 (Thursday) the date of placing under the net online issue of the number of 2016-9-8 (shares)   the number of 55441000 under the net placement (129370482 shares) the number of old shares transferred (shares) – (the total number of issued shares) 184811482   the maximum subscription amount (  shares); 55000 of the top box purchase required with the market value (yuan)   55 ballot payment date (Monday) 2016-09-12   date of publication in the ballot number   2016-09-12 (Monday) [company Other business introduction] deposits from the public issuance of short-term, medium-term and long-term loans for domestic settlement for the acceptance and discount of negotiable instruments agency issuance, approval agency cash and sell government bonds trading government bonds and financial bonds in the interbank lending agency receipts and payments and insurance agents to provide safekeeping service for foreign exchange deposits in foreign exchange loans of foreign exchange settlement, foreign exchange remittance exchange credit investigation, consultation and witness business by Chinese banking regulatory commission. [] project funding will be used for the project investment amount (million yuan) used to supplement capital of 78931.7793 the total amount of investment of 78931.78 excess funds raised (the actual fund-raising – the total amount of investment of 3678.95) total investment amount and the actual amount of money raised more than 95.55% stock investment trading post, forward-looking, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2相关的主题文章: