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Games Since the Xbox 360 came out, it has brought much fun to gamers all over the world. But it also brings multiple problems for millions of video game players. One of the most happened problems is that Xbox cant read disc. Is it a big problem? Do I have to send the console to Microsoft when Xbox 360 can t read disc ? Are there any simple ways for me to fix it? It is hard to say if it is a big problem that your Xbox 360 cannot read disc. It depends on what the exact problem is, and what is the cause to this problem. There are a number of problems associated with the DVD drive of an Xbox 360, but the three major problems that most users face are… 1)Xbox 360 game disc not being detected at all by the DVD drive 2Xbox 360 game disc is being detected as "unreadable" 3)DVD Drive tray will not open or will not close The cause of each problem is different. One reason may be that the video game disc has many of damages and scratches. If so, the problem is easy to fix. Check out with another disc. Another reason, which is often reported to happen when Xbox 360 cannot read disk, is the Xbox console overheat and affect to the back receptor inside. It is somewhat big problem, for overheating can also cause some worse problems, such as red ring of death. But it does not necessarily mean that have to replace your disc drive. There are ways to fix the problem without replacing anything. In this situation, all you need to do to fix this problem and to stop it from reoccurring is to divert the heat away from the drive. There are some tips you have to try to cool down the drive when your xbox 360 cant read disc. First, turn off the console and unplug all the power and AV cables from the console. Wait for few hours, firmly reconnect all the cables and then turn on the console. Xbox 360 still can t read disk? If that doesn’t work, turn the console off and remove the DVD drive. Make sure the cooling vents are not blocked and keep your Xbox 360 in a ventilated and open area. Reconnect the DVD drive and try again. What? Your Xbox 360 still cant read discs? Don’t panic. Now you need to get a Xbox 360 fix manual to help you. Because you probably have to disassemble the case and remove the different unit out of the console, you need a professional guide to make the process easier and safe. Which guide should I choose if my Xbox 360 cant read disc? First, check it at James Dean Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: