My world national costume national wind will sweep

"My world" Chinese folk style will be swept MINECON MINECON is once a year of "my world", the world’s largest game player gathering line, is a national "my world" game player game collection, Party communication. This year’s MINECON2016, "my world" national service will officially participate in this global carnival, and the MC version of Chinese folk arts and crafts to the MINECON site. By the time the full screen will allow Chinese players are proud to see that the Chinese national wind swept MINECON! "My world" in China will take MC to MINECON version of national arts and crafts "perfect my world" game elements and China with exquisite painting wind scene good side of the MINECON tour, "my world" dress designed fusion "my world" game characters, game elements and Chinese manual with the art scene, and handicrafts of ingenious shape change, let the typical China wind folk crafts while preserving its features at the same time, the shape change of the square, the essence of the game perfectly fit "my world" box. The scene, roles, elements and technology perfectly, such as chicken Knight holding fan, became Chinese traditional donkey last film by knocking the yangko dance, drum is China unique vertical drum, while zombies holding the hands of long hang firecrackers is a Chinese childhood Spring Festival has never lacked the elements of the square Tomatoes on sticks the hands of the zombies will let you smile. "My world" and Chinese traditional firecrackers scene perfect fusion of "my world" serving the country scene carefully designed this scene, "my world" serving the country invited to the national painting masters Pro disciple, will draw on the China unique fan with blue and white porcelain embryo. The ink painting said never draw box with ink to write very early experience, "party", so draw out very square, it is a very interesting experience. This is a traditional ink painting and ink painting will be a breakthrough, "my world" such a lively and relaxed game combined with the increase in the Chinese wind and culture at the same time as the "my world" scene, "my world" may also bring a bold innovation for ink painting techniques. "My world" Chinese wind scene painting to hang firecrackers good "my world" in China produced several strings of firecrackers will be brought to the scene MINECON! Small partners do not square"! Firecrackers only shell, and there is no gunpowder inside. Firecrackers completely in accordance with the traditional Chinese long firecrackers to make, the only difference is that a small firecrackers hanging on the top of a small firecrackers into a small rectangle, which is suitable for my world, firecrackers ah! Each a small firecrackers appearance will be wrapped with a circle of red paper, paper printed above is spelled with a small box of "happiness", and the top of the square top ornaments firecrackers printed with a small box to spell out the word. Is not to make you think of the Spring Festival in hometown paste Fu characters firecrackers, enjoyable and beautiful scene! The box of "firecrackers design diagram as well. Goku faces popularity at home and abroad on behalf of the highest Chinese.相关的主题文章: