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LETV CEO said Chinese game player does not play host TV game is the future of music as CEO Jia Yueting tells the music game strategy in today’s investor conference, said Chinese game player no longer play games host, but the smart TV game has great potential. LETV CEO Jia Yueting Jia Yueting said at the meeting: "in addition to a business that is the big screen game, big screen game with mobile phone there is a little gap, over the past 20 years due to China policy restrictions, led to the TV side of the game almost no development, Shanghai free trade zone and the market began to enter the game, after what we see is the game console to enter the market, when in fact we think it is very eyes, found in the market Chinese consumers no longer play the game host." "We see that our super TV actually it has been a very strong user processing ability of the products, we put the TV to buy a home, you can let the TV bear a considerable part of the user home entertainment game, the game will grow faster, from last year to this year’s growth in the game is more than 5 times the growth, I hope next year 2017 should have hundreds of millions of revenue." XboxOne and PlayStation4 host since the entry into the country after the encounter difficulties and setbacks. But Xiaobian that this does not represent the host market does not exist. Microsoft and SONY still did not give up the efforts of the national market, the number of domestic host game players, although not more than PC players, but there is still no small audience groups, do not know how you look at? (Editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: