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Home-Improvement Moving is difficult for all parties involved. Kids have to get used to a new house, a new room, a new bathroom location, making new friends, a new school, and the new house smell. Adults have a new job, have to make new friends as well, have to get their children situated in the new house, school, etc, and figuring out the differences in the daily expenses. There are also the bill deposits and other expenses that must be figured in. Needless to say, moving is by no means easy for anyone. Move in cleaning is just as difficult and a big pain in the rear. Most people dont know where to start when it comes to cleaning a brand new house. After allshouldnt it already be clean? True, most owners wont allow their tenants to collect their security deposit without first seeing that the house is clean and everything that is damaged is reported or repaired. However, this is not always a reality. Sometimes the former owners leave the house trashed and leave you with a huge mess that has to be cleaned up. When you move in there are a few things that absolutely HAVE to be cleaned. Theres no way of getting out of it and certainly no alternatives. These are the laundry chute and chimney. These are two of the most hazardous spots in your house. They both heat up immensely and both contain particles that are flammable. When theres a block or a high concentration of these particles, the chances of them catching fire are huge! A fire can cause smoke damage to your home at the very leastit could also mean death for you and your family. Needless to say: these areas have to be cleaned and made safe for your household. Most people dont have the tools or know how to do this. Obviously, the chimney and chutes have to be cooled down. You need a long brush, and you have to clean every bit of the chimney/chute. It most likely will be a humongous mess that will get all over your house, unless you find the right materials. However, theres also a lot more than just the chimney and laundry chute. You also might want to scrub down the walls (they can get covered in grime and gunk thanks to greasy hands, fingerprints, and loads of other things. If the former homeowners were, for example, mechanics, you definitely want to scrub down the walls. It isnt their fault, but a little scrub down never hurts.), clean the carpet (if the former owners had untrained puppies or kittens, they may have peed or pooed on the carpet. If these werent cleaned up immediately, then they can seep in.), and to clean the bathrooms. Theres also another option: a move in cleaning company. Move in cleaning companies clean your house before you move everything in. Say that youre moving into a newly constructed house: there are certain chemicals and things you may not want you or your little ones exposed to. You also dont want to mess anything up either. These companies are able to do this using the right cleaning chemicals as well, making everything sparkle and shine without damaging it and giving it better longevity than it might have had using more damaging chemicals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: