Mountain villagers service Miss son was born unaware of elected village officials-candy boy

Mountain villagers service miss the birth of his son know was the original title: mountain village 25 years I do not know all the electrical service folks love elected village Yang Honghui carrying tools and food supply power for mountain farmers travel over land and water. Liu Wei photo call, Yang Honghui electric service village go home, happy and not exhausted. Liu Wei photo Beijing, Xinyang, October 9, (Men Jiedanganrenwei) Henan Xinyang old electrician Yang Honghui, carrying a dry valley perennial service folks, even if you miss the birth of his son, also refused to delay the villagers use electricity for 25 years, he has never been on call complaints, without the knowledge was elected village, and led the villagers to battle with heaven and earth the village has fundamentally changed. Perennial with dry mountain service call Miss son Yang Honghui was born in 1992, animal husbandry professional after graduating from secondary school, coincides with the village temple Huanglong Dong Town Xinyang City, hometown of electricity, lack of talent, he decided to drop the specialty, heavy responsibilities, electrical electrician knowledge began to learn from scratch, career began. Employment at the beginning, Yang Honghui’s biggest task is to install indoor line for each. At that time, the villagers to raise funds to do electricity, electrical installation of electricity is to close the construction costs. The average charge is 5 cents per bulb. Although he is very poor, but Yang Honghui confiscated a penny. "Many of the villagers are with the handkerchief only a few layers of bill wrapped it carefully in a personal pocket, see this scene, not to receive your money." Yang Honghui said, some villagers are guilty, and cook a Poached Egg thanks, then no way, just to avoid meal service. "Farmers living in scattered, to the farthest walk 10 kilometers to get to the mountain, a return to big, I prepared two bags of instant noodles in the kit, hungry for dinner anywhere." Yang Honghui led the Dongjiahe power HUANGLONGSI electrician class maintains 4 village 1160 of the electricity line maintenance tasks, only 10 thousand volts is 28 km long. The area of 70 square kilometers, most of the traffic inconvenience for high mountains and lofty hills. Work difficulty can be imagined. Especially in winter, in the snow and ice weather, repair unusually difficult. 2004 Spring Festival approaching, the weather in Huanglong Temple suffered years of snow and ice, ice up to 5 cm, inverted pole disconnection occurs at. Ice sealed into the mountain road, the power supply is difficult to support. Repair of the mountains can only rely on Yang Honghui and two other colleagues lying ice climbing snow. In order to let folks spend the new year with electricity, they consciously repair, when the new year’s Eve firecrackers one after another, before the repair is completed. At the same time, in order to electric tea frying machine make the area farmers well, Yang Honghui and colleagues on duty 24 hours depth tea real, excluded by electric barrier at any time, and he can not attend because of their own tea and asked people to take care of. Yang Honghui said: "the tea dependence on electricity is very strong, if the power, will damage the tea farmers, the annual income basically depends on this season, if the reason due to power loss, this responsibility is big!" It is also the responsibility of electrical driven occupation, Yang Honghui is always on time for the evening, with money, the villagers, in a timely manner相关的主题文章: