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Mother and daughter bicker son rob her mother-in-law died drinking poison Dutch act original title: son take the hands of his mother died mother who also don’t poison pesticide treatment of Yangzi Evening News (reporter Mei Jianming) the morning of November 5th, a farm in Nanjing District of Pukou city streets of the disc, one family contract for the land in the old two people because of a trivial quarrel the mother-in-law, angrily took a bottle of pesticide to drink, his son was grabbed, and take off. Everyone will be rushed to the hospital, but large drug toxicity, died. At home, mother learned of his son’s death, while people do not pay attention, but also take a bottle of pesticide. Separated by more than two hours, both mother and son died. According to reports, have been rushed to hospital and two people, from Fujian, one family contracted land to grow vegetables in Pukou city on a farm in the disc. Day 10 morning, because the family, her mother and daughter-in-law quarrel, she was very angry, picked up a bottle of home storage for insecticide pesticide to drink. At this point, both sides persuade son Xu, both sides, see the mother to drink pesticide, a grab, and pique said: "you drink pesticide to die rather than I drink dead." Xu from the mother’s hand grabbed the head to drink pesticide. Family rushed him to the hospital to rescue people shouting. However, due to the toxicity of drinking too much pesticide Xu, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Xu died after rescue. When the mother at home learned that his son died after rescue invalid, can not help but burst into tears. Xu’s mother while taking home a group of panic, no one noticed, once again picked up a bottle of pesticide drinking at home. The family quickly sent her to the hospital, but Xu’s mother also died after rescue. Mother and child two people before and after the death of only a difference of two hours. According to nearby residents, this one family living in local tenantgrows vegetables for a living, live together in peace together with the people around. Did not expect such a tragedy. The residents said, Xu and his wife have two children, the only three or four years old, small, just over 2 years old, learned to walk, and his wife was four months pregnant. Currently, the local police have been involved in the investigation. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: