More than and 300 pounds of pregnant women having children of two doctors through the fetal –

More than and 300 pounds of pregnant women having children of two doctors through the fetal – maternal fat can Sohu maternal and child health hospital doctor for nearly 4 hours of surgery, a pregnant woman weighing 350 pounds 6 pounds 6 finally gave birth to a baby boy two, the pregnant women in the hospital of first cesarean section five years ago when weighed over 320 pounds. Five years later, unexpectedly, her second production, her weight reached 350 pounds, because the body fat over 8 cm, with full insertion needle anesthesia also arrived at the destination to the hospital, finally take cesarean section, four doctors in two doctors poke their belly fat, the other two take a 6 pounds 6 two baby. Huang Fang mother-in-law is also very angry, has been complaining about Huang Fang, even after the second pregnancy, and she did not listen to her mother’s advice, has been eating non-stop, so now the body is so fat, so that the body is so fat, the body is so fat, the body is so fat, the body is so fat, so the body is so fat. But Huang Fang’s mother complained to blame, looked at the children in the stomach, adults do not eat, the child must eat it, so there is no more control of their diet. During the whole operation, two deputy chief physician is in operation: put fine timber to petty use for grilled Huang Fang belly fat, in fact, Huang Fang is like a long two "belly", all drooped her belly fat, the stomach is covered, the doctor is very difficult to find a knife, surgical incision the location, no way, only two deputy chief physician Huang Fang pulled the "fat belly", the normal pregnant belly, to do the surgery, the other two doctors are responsible for children. Grilled fat process lasts about an hour. After surgery, the two deputy director of the doctor also jokingly said: this time to do a high-intensity physical activity". More than two hours of anesthesia, one hour surgery, lasted nearly 4 hours later, after the medical staff’s efforts, finally Hangzhou habutai cesarean section birth to a baby boy 6 pounds 6 two, but the next edge suture and let the doctor worry. Because Huang Fang’s fat is too thick. "But it can not suture ah, ordinary mothers doing surgical suture with a suture line, not too long, but after the operation need not take out stitches, but Huang Fang is not the same, they have to be stranded twisted suture needle with suture method, special and special operations take out stitches using lines to suture the wound, the wound suture the" surgery "with them for more than two hours, women now have to wait a few days, and then observed, present mother and child, has returned to the wards. If the weight gain of pregnant women, the weight gain of more than 500 grams per week, obesity, usually due to excessive intake of fat caused by. Excessive intake of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals will be relatively insufficient, bleeding gums, osteomalacia, anemia and other symptoms. In addition, pregnant women obesity will also be associated with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, macrosomia, dystocia, etc.. Therefore, experts advise that the weight gain during pregnancy is best not more than 7.5 kg, and to maintain a timely manner some healthy exercise. Even during pregnancy, also cannot indulge their weight, the best appropriate weight-loss plan, at least to the weight control in a certain range, to avoid excessive development, due to various organs such as heart and brain oppression, diabetes and other diseases with an opportunity to.相关的主题文章: