More than 10 senior members of the Democratic Progressive Party of Japan suspected of dual

The Democratic Party of Japan: Top 10 lawmakers suspected to have dual nationality original title: the Democratic Party of Japan: Japan top dozen lawmakers suspected to have dual nationality in October 9, according to Japanese media reports, a rally in Japan’s largest opposition party the Democratic Progressive Party election strategy committee Ma Mabuchi 8 this month day held in the city of Nara said, according to his investigation, has dual citizenship in Japan’s parliament members, at least a dozen people. Reported that the new president of the Democratic Party of Japan Lian Fang because had previously been found that still retains China Taiwan nationality, so popular public criticism. However, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party Senator Onoda Kimi’s ruling was also found to have American citizenship, so dual nationality problems caused by the parties concerned. Ma Yuan on the day of the speech, did not disclose the specific political parties and members of the name, but he made it clear that the Japanese lawmakers have dual nationality in the minority, more than a dozen people. It is understood that the Japanese law prohibits dual nationality, but also clearly stipulates that diplomats may not have dual nationality, but no clear provisions for politicians. Japan’s prime minister, Abe Shinzo, has said he wants to make a national census of politicians who will be senior government officials. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: