Millionaire Mindset Success Tip #1-y580

UnCategorized My guess is that most people reading this message are not holding themselves accountable enough for their actions. It’s a cold-hard fact that most people who fail in our profession think they gave it their all, or think they did everything they could have done, or blame their upline for not ‘helping’ them enough. Some go as far as writing negative articles and blog posts about their company or upline and blame them for their failure, blame the industry, and tag it as a ‘scam.’ As Jim Carey says in the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ ‘Loo-hoo, ser-her.’ Loser! ‘…try to mask it as best as possible with their excuses…’ That said, deep down, that person knows, for sure, THEY were the one true culprit for their failure. They try to mask it as best as possible with their excuses, but they will continue to lead a miserable life blaming others for their lack of money, their lack of success, their lack of health, lack of meaningful relationships, etc. It’s a sad fact. So, in order for us not to fit into that category, we must take responsibility for our own Personal Accountability. ‘…pay the price!’ There are uber-successful people in our profession who accomplished great success without an upline. It’s all about who wants it badly enough and who is willing to pay the price! Yes, we can have accountability partners, however, today’s lesson is about holding yourself accountable for moving forward. Taking a step towards success. Not waiting for someone to hold your hand. No one held mine, nor is anyone holding it now. I just want it badly enough! ‘…the three areas of personal accountability…’ There are three areas of personal accountability: 1. Your actions and choices – YOUR choices are your own and are not dictated by your spouse, upline, parents, etc. They are YOURS! Your choices decide your actions. YOUR actions. 2. Your responsibilities – Your responsibilities are the ACTIONS needed to build your business…i.e. phone calls, emails, being on time, spending less than you earn, writing your to-do list the night before, etc. 3. Your goals – Have you written down your professional goals, fitness and health goals, financial goals, family objectives, etc.? No? Well, get on it, because those with hand-written goals have an 80% chance of achieving them over those who keep them in their head. This is one of the hardest things to overcome if you haven’t held yourself accountable in the past. Realizing that YOU hold the key to your success. You have EVERYTHING in you that you need to succeed. It’s stepping over those barriers that are so deep set in you that you don’t even recognize them! Self development will be the key in helping those struggling with accountability. Reading self-improvement books will be the greatest catalyst in propelling you forward in increasing your accountability, thus increasing your levels of success. Without self-development, entrepreneurs get ‘stuck in their own heads.’ The allow the mind to interfere with their dreams, with their aspirations, with their activity. We as humans are bread to self-sabotage. It’s with the influence of positive, motivational books and CD’s that we are able to see through the muddy waters that are our minds, and see a vision of success and accomplishment. This vision is the very thing that gives us our millionaire mindsets. That allows us to set goals and be accountable for our actions. These actions then compound over time to equal our successes. It’s an amazing journey. One with ups and downs, but one that has an amazing ending. Our growth comes within the journey. The ability to make it through each hurdle as it’s presented. As we look back at a hurdle we’ve overcome, we see those who weren’t willing to jump the hurdle but stopped right before it. We are now stronger. We have more confidence in ourselves. When we look ahead, we see those who are running towards the next hurdle, only to look side to side to see those slowing down and stopping before the next hurdle. What will we do? Do we slow down too, or speed up to make it over the next hurdle? With every chapter we read in a self-development book, with every hurdle we jump over, we are slowly chipping away at our emotional barriers that have held us back for years. We continue to build our millionaire mindset and that’s when success starts to flood in. That’s when we become the millionaire and have people aspire to be like us! This is YOUR life. Take control. Be responsible for it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: