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Millet to Microsoft and Apple’s conference will be cast into the shade? Sohu, science and technology recently a few days time, three events occur ring digital technology is undoubtedly the most attractive eye, these three events are: millet released MIX new concept machine, Microsoft released Surface Studio machine, Apple released the MacBook Pro series of new machines. If you want to ask what the biggest impact of the conference? Reports from the relevant content of the conference, evaluation, dispute situation, I am afraid this is not a millet. Can not hesitate to say, millet new conference aura feet, almost to the Microsoft and apple conference is so be cast into the shade! A new concept of MIX, millet price speculation has successfully attracted major attention from the conference of three extension content, believe in many readers will feel this most: millet MIX new machine concept topics than MacBook Pro new machine Microsoft Surface Studio machine and discuss the topic of the apple. In particular, the concept of MIX new machine in the price of all kinds of strange phenomenon is to become the topic of continuous detonation point. In the usual so-called "hunger marketing tactics, MIX new machine is hard to find, a rare commodity. MIX new machine can be described as seafood prices, a day of the market price of cattle, 20 thousand, 25 thousand, 30 thousand…… In contrast, the price of Surface and MacBook is not much between 10 thousand to 20 thousand, the highest is in early 20 thousand. Although MIX as a burst of mobile phone products, and laptops in the category is not fully comparable. However, as a whole, as a category of digital products, from the price point of view, it is worth talking about. Although the new apple MacBook and iPhone7 phones can not be directly connected, such as the recent comments Tucao point. Compared to these millet MIX caused by the reaction is obviously not enough. Two, millet as a representative of the marketing approach is right or wrong? So, we from three consecutive conference the effect of these phenomena may be found: like Microsoft and apple these powerful foreign brands, in the new conference, there seems to be no special topic of speculation by what means. While the domestic intelligent mobile phone as the representative of the major manufacturers, almost all in advance to arrange all kinds of marketing resources, one of the most important forces is the power, or call the named "XX powder" hardcore hype team. Perhaps, the industry to play at this time, if the foreign brands in the Chinese mainland, this huge market has not yet learned to use such a way, it may soon be really domestic entrepreneurs turned over. According to Luo Yonghao, they plan to be ten years or so to turn these foreign brands. Thus, we can predict the basic techniques of foreign brands turn dry, one possibility is the technical strength of HUAWEI as the representative of the school, the research and development of the technical ability and the quality of the products, at the same time with the channel strategy. One may be represented by OPPO and VIVO, etc.相关的主题文章: