Men to shape the perfect body shape to fuel injection (Figure)

The man is shaping the perfect fit to muscle fuel injection (Figure) for perfect fit men to give intramuscular injection of fuel 8 according to foreign media news, Brazil’s support for SEG building perfect fit body, risked his life to the muscle in fuel injection. Segto began injection from 5 years ago, now his biceps has up to 60 centimeters, but he still wants more. SEG support is not the first person to do so. According to reports, there is a crazy fitness Brazil Sosa, in order to have exaggerated two muscles, he chose to inject lethal cocktails and alcohol. Some doctors refused to perform, and said "this is equivalent to suicide." According to reports, as early as 1899, some people in order to increase the muscle or wrinkles, injection of paraffin oil, sesame oil and walnut oil. In modern times, in order to have a strong muscle, the body will also choose to inject synthetic alcohol and other mixed substances, usually including triglycerides, lidocaine (a narcotic) and benzyl alcohol. Such a risky approach can indeed have an impressive muscle in a short time, but the attendant risks cannot be ignored. The doctor said that the injection side effects may include muscle rupture, rupture of blood vessels, infection, nerve injury, such as stroke, can also cause a variety of complications. (comprehensive) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: