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The super media comment in the global attention ahead of the layout of the most lucrative super Hengda benefit to a new level of Xinhua news agency, Beijing October 31st Sports News Title: market to work together to boost the super ultra billion into the era of Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yong copyright 8 billion times over the end of his 2016 season. With the help of the market, the brand is not only in China, in Asia, even in the global sports market, but also increasingly concerned. The 2016 season of Super League, the most noteworthy is the huge energy the rights to sell "astronomical" after the move, the immense vigor to the superior, and its influence was enhanced. 8 billion copyright era of the first year, will pay royalties of $1 billion, plus other operating and sponsorship revenue, which is bound to exceed the club’s highest record of the highest record in the history of the year. There is no doubt that the super Chinese sports industry is currently the most gold suction force of the brand and its huge market space, which, has been fully demonstrated in the first season of the new copyright era, capital attraction, industrial integration is accelerating the accumulation of. 8 billion copyright era of the first year ended smoothly, proved the outside world firmly optimistic about China’s huge sports market. This signal, many clubs boost season into super billion investment and income of over a hundred million times. The super value rose line, several clubs and players are worth value, climbed a very high "be struck dumb". But need not improperly belittle oneself. There is a huge market, relying on a variety of favorable policies to boost the sports industry, coupled with the scarcity of brands, as the core competitiveness of the super market nuggets, just on the road. In this year, a few years ahead of the layout of the Guangzhou Hengda, with benign operation state, showing the market prospective and superior to others superior execution, become the most lucrative Club benefit from super brand. This season, a number of club restructuring, the price of the transfer, are showing scarcity and strong market appeal. The thick with leaves and deep-rooted Beijing Guoan, although the twists and turns, but also is accelerating the pace of restructuring. With the overall progress of the reorganization of assets, in a global market value at the top of the occupation League point the day and await for it. The influx of many of the world’s top stars and excellent coaches, making the appeal and influence of the super increase. Super has become one of the main events of the active national team competition in Brazil. This season, the new signings become super sponsors given the price tag, make super old customers feel he had secretly happy, look good, investment value. Super deep to market factors also have a greater improvement of the fans, sponsors, media service consciousness has been greatly improved; in high definition video broadcast signal acquisition, making a lot of efforts to expand overseas copyright; great gains. This year’s super also lurks a lot of crisis, once detonated, will bring great harm to the super, greatly weaken the value of the super brand. Although the super input into the world of night occupation football forefront, but the level of competition, ornamental and organization ability, site conditions, the players and the fans in)相关的主题文章: