Media from the bottom of Ji’nan campus hijacking suspects in the case the huge debt owed to often ma synnex

Media from the bottom of Ji’nan campus hijacking suspects in the case of trouble: the huge debt owed to ordinary original title: from the end of Guodian Ji’nan middle school: Hijacking suspects in the case have huge debts often trouble drinking suspect Yang Moumou subdued reporter visited the suspects home Qilu news network October 22nd (reporter Chai Ming Li Yang) 21 morning, in Licheng District of Ji’nan, a man with a knife broke into the campus chopped after hijacking a student teacher thing, has aroused strong concern of the society, after the incident, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau deployed more than 100 elite police force, in the case of fruitless negotiations, forced the criminal suspect Yang Moumou also rescued the hostages uniforms. So the suspect in the end is what kind of person? Why would he do such a bad thing? Today, the reporter went to the village where the suspect Moumou understand the specific situation. "People’s livelihood train" reporter Guo Dian Zhen East Village in Licheng District of Ji’nan, and the suspect Yang Moumou village, village of the villagers are reported by the media, did not know what Yang Moumou hijacked students. Villagers told reporters, Yang Moumou more than and 30 years old, has a son of the family, the condition is not very good, parents are sick in the body. According to the police report, the suspect Yang Moumou because of mismanagement, owed a huge debt, deliberately create trouble, cause social concern, making social impact, will make the stabbing and hijack the job of students. In the East Village, a few informed villagers told reporters, Yang Moumou has been in Ji’nan Jinan opened factory, is also to earn some money, but after a few years ago the factory closures lose money, often people come to collect debts. As for the Yang Moumou whether owed much of the huge debt, the villagers heard is various, has said about 1000000, has said the about 2000000, also said, hit a daily, in short, is not a small number. Owe so much money, dun often come, Yang Moumou’s parents are very angry "". After the kiln money owed huge debts, Yang Moumou also worked for a period of time for rent. Reporters follow the villagers came to the direction of the Moumou Moumou rental. But when a reporter asked the taxi driver in the vicinity of the details of the time, where the drivers have said, do not know the specific circumstances of Yang moumou. The villagers said, although the same is a village in the village, but he did not follow the usual what contacts, Yang Moumou also not in the East Village living, but living in the vicinity of highway. The sudden occurrence of such a thing, but also to the nearby villagers feel very surprised. Just the day before yesterday, there are villagers on the road met Yang Moumou, he looks very normal, and there is no difference. The reporter learned that Yang’s usual temper is not good, not only often drink trouble, but also the end of the case. Although the case is white, the hostages were safely rescued, but it would still make people could not help but sigh: to say that this kind of Yang Moumou, who will not encounter adversity in life? Is it necessary to make such extreme behavior in the face of adversity? The most important is, Peng相关的主题文章: