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Man drunk driving the wrong way good neighbors send medical knot "bad fruit" to send ill neighbors medical treatment is good, but drunk driving, eventually became a "bad fruit". On the evening of 6, 9 o’clock, the traffic police detachment of Xiangcheng accident brigade set up chucks in Binjiang Road, and found that a vehicle in Shiyan quickly came to the check point. When the police stopped it, the driver, Wang, said there was a patient on the train and was heading for the Central Hospital. While speaking, the police smelled a strong smell of alcohol, he immediately asked the driver to take a breath test wang. At the same time, the police sent the patient to the hospital for treatment. After testing, the alcohol content in Wang’s blood is 156mg 100ml, which is drunk driving. It is understood that Wang came back from his home in Shiyan to meet with his friends on the evening. Shortly after the banquet, a neighbor for help, said his family is ill, I hope to help him to the city center hospital. Wang, who saved people, completely forgot to drive after drinking. "Although Wang is good, drunk driving may bring danger to the lives of passengers and other people, so we have to deal with it according to law." Yu Jie, deputy commander of the Xiangcheng accident brigade of the city traffic police detachment, said that Wang had been arrested for driving license by the police because of drunk driving. He would be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law. He could not get a motor vehicle driving license within 5 years.

男子醉驾送邻居就医 方法不对好心结“坏果”送重病邻居就医是好心,不料醉酒驾车,最终结出了“坏果”。6日晚9时许,市交警支队襄城事故大队民警在滨江路设卡盘查时,发现一辆十堰籍的车辆急速向盘查点驶来,当民警将其拦下时,司机王某称车上有病人,正赶往市中心医院。说话间,民警闻到一股浓烈的酒味,便立即要求司机王某接受酒精检测。同时,民警派人将车上的病人送往医院救治。经检测,王某血液内的酒精含量为156mg 100ml,属醉酒驾驶。据了解,王某当晚从十堰回老家与好友聚会。酒宴结束后不久,接到邻居的求助,称自己的家人患病,希望他帮忙送到市中心医院救治。王某救人心切,全然忘了酒后不能开车。“虽然王某是好心,但醉酒驾车可能给乘客和其他人的生命带来危险,因此我们必须依法处理。”市交警支队襄城事故大队副大队长喻杰表示:王某因为醉驾被警方吊销机动车驾驶证,将被依法追究刑事责任,5年内不得重新取得机动车驾驶证。相关的主题文章: