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Mainland women abused Yan value response: beautiful people can have a number of sunshine ”s   in February 19, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, recently, the women’s team Sunshine combination by users crowd became popular, although satirized as "goddess of world Froude monkey", but they insist on doing their own. We do not emphasize "cosmetic, beautiful people have?" Frank won some netizens welcome. The Sunshine combination is composed of a female 5 students living in Anhui, Bozhou, according to micro-blog official data shows that the establishment of the group in December 15, 2015. When they were interviewed on television, they said they were singing because they loved singing, and they were not signing contracts with brokers. 5 values of high school students set up a combination of hot friends aroused. Many critics of their appearance "too general", according to publicity has also been criticized as "vulgar", some netizens joked: "the 2016 year on behalf of the word is ugly?" In the face of the attack, the 5 little girls also spoke on micro-blog. The members think, "we are a group. We like to be ourselves. How many beautiful people can we have?" We will work hard to stand on our own stage". And insist on non cosmetic surgery. This attitude also gets a lot of people praise, "think of their high school years ~ good ~ sincerely bless you."!" "Refueling, for the dream, efforts should not be laughed at."". Editor in chief: SN226 内地女团颜值遭嘲讽 回应:美丽的人能有多少 sunshine女团     中新网2月19日电 据台湾“中央社”报道,近日,女子团体Sunshine组合因遭网友“围观”走红,虽然被讽为“女神界的福禄猴”,但她们坚持做自己,强调“我们不整容,美丽的人能有多少?”坦率态度赢得部分网友欢迎。   Sunshine组合是由5名住在安徽毫州的高一女学生组成,据官方微博资料显示,团体成立的时间是2015年12月15日。她们接受电视访问时表示,成立单纯是因为喜爱唱歌,也强调没有跟经纪公司签约。   5名颜值一般的高中生成立的组合,引发网友热议。不少人批评她们的外表“太普通”,宣传照也被批评“老土”,还有网友调侃称:“2016年的年度代表字是丑吗?”   面对攻击,这5名小女生也在微博上吐露自己心声。成员认为,“我们是个团体,我们喜欢做自己,美丽的人能有多少?我们会付出努力,为了站在属于自己的舞台”。并表示坚持不整容。   这样的态度也获得不少人点赞,“想到自己高中时的岁月~真好~真心祝福你们!”、“加油,为梦想努力是不该被嘲笑的”。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: