Macao good sound second quarter finals held in Beijing – singer Sha Baoliang back-poper

"Macao good sound" second quarter finals singer Sha Baoliang back – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, (Longtu Zhang Lingyue) "Macao top ten campus singers sound" second quarter finals held in the evening of 29 in Macao Venice theater. After the mentor group recommended, and the outside support, floor support and professional jury three rounds of voting, Zhu Rongzhi, Pang Yiwen, Hao Jingwen won the first runner up, the other 7 students were awarded the top ten campus singer award. The picture shows the scene of the famous singer Sha Baoliang refueling for the students. The final photo by Zhang Lingyue in the wonderful "2016 strong sound again" in a prologue of opening film. In the first quarter of the top ten campus singer Ouyang Qiying, Han Xue sang a song? "BANG BANG" as the opening SHOW. In the sister who led encouragement, this season there were ten campus singers singing. Participants of the song of youth and youth dance, make the final night of the stage is full of youthful vigor. The 4 sang mentor jointly created for the activities of the song "hand in hand". The famous singer Sha Baoliang also specially flew from Beijing to Macao, site for students refueling, and sang the song "hidden", he praised the Macao superior sound is to promote youth achievement best stage musical dreams, and to encourage students to pursue their own dreams. The picture is the competition scene. Zhang Lingyue photo Macao government social culture secretary Tan Junrong, the Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Macao education minister Xu Ting, director of public diplomacy and the news department in Macao Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign affairs Li Nan, vice chairman of the Executive Committee of the Macao foundation Zhong Yi, Deputy Secretary for education and Youth Affairs Bureau Guo Xiaoli, Macao TV director, Li Zisong, director of lotus the famous singer Sha Baoliang and other guests to watch the finals and winning awards for students. Tan Junrong said, as an audience, to see the students performances are so wonderful, really for the students of Macao style proud; and as the director of social and cultural affairs, he thinks he has the responsibility to promote the continued development of cultural undertakings in Macao. The future will be greater enthusiasm, better service, more resources for the growth of young people, to help. "Macao good sound" second season hosted by Macao lotus TV, since the start of May 2016, a record about 1100000 visits and 1 million 600 thousand of the votes of the record, Macao became the "expert" platform for the growth of teenagers.相关的主题文章: