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Luhan one hundred million price movie costume? Rumor – Sohu Zhang Hongjie entertainment studio screenshot micro-blog Luhan micro-blog studio rumor Luhan costume stills Sohu entertainment news recently, the netizen drying out shots, "Lecture Room" speaker Zhang Hongjie had claimed one hundred million price took a deer Hanchao costume, August 28th morning, Luhan studio forwarded rumor: palliative rumors for micro-blog no, if not stop wise stop law!" In addition, Luhan studio also responded by saying: "the project not to pay for the standard, pay more attention on quality, the budget for drama production itself project, network transmission content is purely rumor fiction, never so high price paid, malicious person or organization manufacturing topics, will pursue its legal responsibility to retain right." In May 18th, Zhang Hongjie had made micro-blog called the evening and two friends to do a TV show to eat. That is now TV without a million paid actors (Luhan received a paycheck play, one hundred and twenty million)." In August 26th, the State Press and Publication Administration Committee issued a rectification patrol briefing, the TV industry to curb the price paid and star bulletin show.相关的主题文章: