Love on the first day of the launch of Han Tongsheng wanwansui designed beyond dispute –

"Love" on the first day of the launch of Han Tongsheng wanwansui "designed" Han Tongsheng "love entertainment beyond dispute – Sohu wanwansui" starred by Han Tongsheng "love dad wanwansui" Jin Zhiyang Sohu entertainment news last night, directed by Liu Xin, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin starring drama "love forever" in Zhejiang satellite TV launch. Two sets of CCTV drama, give the audience a vivid description of the "Golden House" family life, and last night "by father Han Tongsheng in two sets by turning to complete the process, but because the admirer design fell into another embarrassment, grotesque. Han Tongsheng Jin Zhiyang played from the start to show the audience a submissive husband, "Dad, are worthy of the name" a strong wife, a little slobber without choking, also had to cooperate with his wife for his daughter to the idea, let the audience laugh incessantly, only a wife is on life from the husband vividly screen. But this is after half a lifetime of Jin Zhiyang, would like to take away the married wife angry about this thing scare myself "the first cantilever cone" his wife, let her change his bad temper, and this is her daughter (Liu Tao ornaments) to discuss a man show to frighten it wife, which wanted to make love with her halfway female colleague Sun Wenjuan (Li Jingjing ornaments) Hu cut in a design, Han Tongsheng played the old gold from active to passive, beyond dispute in support of his home, had her daughter and son attitude reversal, let the old gold scorched by the flames no complaints. Old Kim’s story has just begun climax, what he and his wife can unlock the misunderstanding, and the way out to kill the "luck" will let the old gold night 19:30 Zhejiang TV decide on what path to follow, China blue theatre, Han Tongsheng will be for you to unlock the mystery.相关的主题文章: