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Movies-TV "Bones" first burst on to our screens in the USA on September 13th 2005 and introduced us to the cast of compelling characters featuring the main duo of Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth. Over 5 seasons now, the question of when or if Bones and Booth finally get it together romantically has always been left dangling until the season finale of the most recent season when they were shown in bed together. Shame it turned out to be just a dream of Booths while he lay in a coma, although the whispers from the production staff hint at a more ‘real’ relationship in the sixth season. Much of the series’ success lies in the chemistry between the two main characters and that in turn is in no small part due to the abilities of the actors. David Boreanaz was of course already well-known to the viewing public from his years as Angel the good (sometimes) vampire on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and the spin-off "Angel". Emily Deschanel was not a well-known face or name to the TV world but had appeared in many films. Ms Deschanel plays Temperance Brennan superbly, as a dedicated forensic anthropologist, while her character says things that display a lack of social etiquette, yet she shows a human side especially in her relationship with Booth. Many actresses would not be able to carry that off, but Ms Deschanel makes the character very believable. From the beginning, background music has played a large part in the success of "Bones" and a "Bones Soundtrack" album was released last year featuring the songs played on episodes. The titles are all very descriptive! "The Skull In The Desert", "The Headless Witch In The Wood", for example, and while the scenes are somewhat gruesome to this squeamish reviewer, the storylines are on the whole very engrossing and fascinating, although I was rather upset with the story line that had "Zack Addy" the assistant in the first three seasons and a timid nerdy type, revealed as a murderer at the end of that third season, having fallen prey to the spell of "Gormogon" an evil serial killer. The supporting cast all help to make this series very watchable, particularly Michaela Conlin, as Brennan’s best-friend, Angela Montenegro, who has had an on-off relationship with fellow worker Hodgins, played by T.J. Thyne AND a lesbian relationship with an old art-school colleague, Roxie. One of my favorite characters has only made three appearances in the series. Gordon Wyatt, the first psychiatrist, pre Sweets, played by the inimitable English actor/comic and raconteur Stephen Fry. Nothing against John Francis Daley, ho plays "Sweets", but Stephen Fry has long been a favorite of mine, and he brought to the role the familiar wit that English audiences have known about for so long. A long-time acting and writing partner of "House’s" Hugh Laurie. I thought his interaction with Seeley Booth was amazing. "Bones" returns to our screens in the fall and I for one look forward to this series continuing to be one of the most entertaining crime shows around. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: