Long five engine power can be strong enough to hit the water column on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau – S-660003

Five engine power of how strong that the column on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau – Sohu Military Channel CNR net Hainan on November 3rd news: November 3rd, China’s current development level, the largest diameter of the largest carrying capacity in March five rocket in China Wenchang spaceport successful first flight, will have the China manned space station, lunar exploration project three and Mars and other important mission to. What are the characteristics of the long march five launch vehicle? What new technologies are used? The largest diameter, high and mighty, the long march rocket number five because of its special shape and has a special title — "fat five". "Fat five large core diameter of 5 meters, and the current active rocket the maximum diameter of only 3.35 meters. A total length of about 57 meters, equivalent to the height of 20 storeys. It’s strength is also large, with the international mainstream of large launch vehicles, with 25 tons of near earth orbit, geostationary transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons. Long march five first flight mission launch Field Command commander General Wang Jue said, "Five" long jump ability of our country launch progress space, its overall performance than Europe and Japan, is now the European Ariane 5 rocket and Japan’s H2-B large rocket to be advanced. As China’s most capable of carrying a rocket, long march five takeoff thrust reached a total of 1060 tons. The main thrust is provided by the 4 booster on the installation of 8 sets of 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine. Long march five on a "big heart", is China’s largest "thrust LOX / kerosene engine". 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine how much power? Some people have made an analogy, it can be the pressure of the Huangpu River, Shanghai water hit 5000 meters high in the Qinghai Tibet plateau. From the overall power of the long march five look, four booster using LOX / kerosene engine, the core is liquid rocket engine collocation. Why is this set? The chief designer of the long march rocket number five li Dong travel with food made by analogy, explained the two kinds of engine collocation rationality. For example, going to the mountains with two kinds of food, a tin, a large bread; if climbing during eating, will give priority to the weight of the iron can eat, and then move forward light things behind. The design of the rocket is the density is big, the thrust force must be used in the basic level, the priority to use it after the separation, high performance, light weight as far as possible to stay. Big rockets also have big problems. Li Dong said that from the most basic research ideas, the long march five is different from the past. In the history of China’s rockets are the first demand, and then engage in the launch of the rocket, "long five" is the first in China, not to develop a specific load target. Long march five is also reflected in the great difficulty in the design of a large proportion of technical innovation. Before the long march rocket parts used up to tens of thousands, and the long march five the use of parts of ten, design capacity is 3.5 times more than the previous rocket. The arrow uses 247 core key new technologies, the proportion of new technologies reached almost 100%, the core technology with independent intellectual property rights. And the international development of new rockets, including satellite spacecraft.相关的主题文章: