Lippi palm National Congress will not become a national team – Sohu review

Lippi’s foot palm national team will be a constant – Sohu review national football coach candidates have been finalized, the former Italy coach, coached the rival Lippi Gao Hongbo will take over the job, bear the impact of the 2018 Russia world cup task; according to the relevant media predicted that Lippi teaching the Orangemen, will have absolute power, which including the national team selection and tactics, and the relationship between household players will be abandoned. (October 22nd Chinese net) Gao Hongbo malignancy in the country foot, really have relations? Who is the relationship? What is the relationship between households? As a football coach, there should be making use of the power of man, if in the leather palm country foot, Hengda will become the national team? Some media reports, this possibility is very large. In theory, with a club team player for the team established the national team, is completely, between the players is very familiar with, do not need to run. Gao Hongbo led the national team in the 12 game, why not some of the club play well; some players in the club will play, why to the national team how will not play? Because football is a sport field under 11 people, a lot of people on the field, not one person alone, or two or three people to engage in a small circle. From this perspective, the national team has no club good, seems excusable. From a practical point of view, there are examples of success. Throughout the football world, many national team is a team for the team designed. For example, the peak period of the Spanish team, Bosco is doing with Barcelona, with Real Madrid and other players as auxiliary, eventually continuation of the Legion matador Dynasty; and in Italy, Conti had moved directly with Juve system, especially set back, direct transfer. Lippi from Italy, and led the Italy team won the world cup, no doubt on this set of familiar in the heart. So, if in the leather palm country foot, "Hengda Group" may become a country full of again, based on "Hengda Gang" team, build a foot xinguo. Also, China Football Association to Lippi don’t have much time, also the remaining 6 games 12 of the race, Lippi must come up with results, do not want to let his name be destroyed on one day. Hengda players from the point of view, it should be said to have a certain strength. The front, Gao Lin is very good, this is Gao Hongbo also think highly of the strikers; Huang Bowen, Yu Hanchao, midfielder, Zheng Long and other players, is the domestic leader; defence rival is a galaxy of talents, Zhang Lin, Liu Jian, Zeng Cheng?, Mei Fang and Li Xuepeng to form a defensive line moved to the foot of Hengda; there is also a very important figure, Captain Zheng Zhi, if Zheng Zhi return to the country foot, can rush to the defense, but also can be used as a midfielder, don’t think Zheng Zhi is old, old Lian Po also still can dinner, as a former national team captain, as long as the team needs Zheng Zhi, Zheng Zhi will not hesitate charge into the enemy ranks. The Hengda as a team with good players, some club, maybe the national team will have a picture. Of course, Lippi in the end is how to think, outsiders can only guess. The country is ready to play against Qatar in November, ending the last 12 games of the year相关的主题文章: