Li Chun’s stunning lead starring CP exposes the standards

Li Chun’s stunning lead starring CP exposes the war standard Tencent entertainment news by Li Chun, Zheng Yecheng, Fan Shiqi, the new generation of actors starring the super IP network drama "painting arena" is not my network hit, after the play on the line hit rate soared, in the high popularity of original animation, games and so Li Chun and several other stars is received more attention and discussion. Especially the play as "Wu slag young female apprentice" Lu Linxuan Li Chun, with lively, natural performances attracted many "team CP powder", "absolutely not" become the beloved highlights the most stunning paintings of the rivers and lakes. "Younger" into "people" the biggest bright spot: Li Chun Lu is fruit jelly with Artwalk super IP network drama "beloved" don’t draw wild hit, the drama played by Li Chun "Wu slag young female apprentice" Lu Linxuan is particularly interesting, lively and lovely, her character set is very cute, and Li Chun the performance is also very fresh, as Lu Linxuan points, many netizens are praised "animation in the Lu Linxuan set just cute, but the role of Li Chunrang from the inside to the outside are too cute, love her natural!" Talking about his understanding of Lu Linxuan, Li Chun said "little sis is like a fruit jelly, its packaging is very cute and some fragile feeling. But her heart is a different kind of style." In the view of Li Chun, Lu Linxuan and I had played in the "bone" in the flower neon sky is in sharp contrast to the "younger heart is actually very strong, strong and tough, and I will according to the development of this scenario, the first such a fragile little sis and fragile into a lovely a stronger, more play girl." Li Chun caused "bad CP war" ideal type "in the standard and generous share" beloved does not draw corners, "focus younger" is the story of Li Chun, Fan Shiqi and Zheng Yecheng, consisting of two bit CP combination is triggered netizens "Clan Wars", many netizens said "because of the small hot sister is really cute, so I hope she can find true love!" In this regard, Li Chun jokes that he has been to see everyone in the intense discussions, about the role of younger, also revealed that "sometimes I worry about you because the neon such a popular character impression, there will be an orientation and a subjective evaluation and understanding based on the i. I worried that I will play the younger is not cute enough, will ask yourself is not played too much for such a lovely and very spoiled girl." The show had worried Li Chun seen in the praise of users after Frank "read all of your comments and found the audience quite love the younger. Although in life, I am a girl very thick lines, very rough, but the audience that I can still cute." The drama of younger feelings caused the audience discussion outside the play Li Chun was also asked the audience what kind of boys love. Li Chun revealed that he would appreciate the responsibility to play, talented boys, like the play of the same as Zhang Zifan has been to protect you, silently care about you, Yan value is also high, then the kind of talent!" Netizens praised perfect little sister"相关的主题文章: