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LETV Max PRO won network license hair grab snapdragon 820 Tencent digital news (blue) as the world’s first equipped Xiaolong 820 processor models, LETV Max PRO officially on sale has been getting closer distance. The day before, after obtaining 3C certification in the machine, and again in the Ministry of Equipment Certification Center website, and get a listing of required network license, which means that PRO might like MAX music as the rumors say that officially on sale in March this year. Configure the guards! LETV Le Max Pro real machine to use the demo for network license according to the Ministry of Equipment Certification Center website information, the network license to get Max PRO LETV mobile phone model X910, in the shape of the previous generation products are very similar, has a metal body and frame design, although Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology support, but still below the fingerprint sensor placed in the back of the fuselage of the camera. At the same time in the mobile phone main specifications, LETV Max PRO is equipped with 6.3 inches 2K resolution touch screen, equipped with CNC function, take 2G 3G 4G mobile, China Unicom and telecom network and dual card dual standby function, the body size was 167× 83.4× 8.95 (mm), weighing about 201 grams, and with silver and gold two color styles. Grab the hair Xiaolong 820 processor LETV Max PRO is also equipped with the new Android6.0 system, and for the first time, built Xiaolong 820 quad core processor, clocked at up to 2.2GHz, with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, and loaded with 4 million pixel front camera and a 21 million pixel camera, equipped with dual color LED flash and support OIS optical image stabilization function. In addition, the machine also uses the USB Type-C interface, and equipped with 3400 MAH battery and fast charging function. Other features of music as the Max PRO is also very good, not only have the CNC function, but also support VoLTE and 802.11ad WiFi, will be the world’s first tri band WiFi mobile phone. At the same time, it also supports Dolby Atmos Dolby panoramic sound, and is the world’s first equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor mobile phone, not only has the higher accuracy of fingerprint recognition, and even if the user in the finger avoiding situations can also be accurately identified. From March on sale as LETV Max PRO has got the network license required for listing, so if everything goes smoothly, so the machine is possible if the rumors say that, in March of this year officially listed for sale. Previously, the industry analyst @ pan jiutang once in micro-blog’s Max PRO broke the news that LETV yield rumors around ten thousand, and share some of the original material Xiaolong 810 models Le Max, as time to market in March of this year. Although it is not clear as the music Max PRO specific listing time and related prices, but the outside world according to music as before.

乐视Max PRO获入网许可证 抢发骁龙820腾讯数码讯(水蓝)作为全球首款搭载骁龙820处理器的机型,乐视Max PRO距离正式发售已经越来越近。日前,在该机获得了3C认证之后,又再次出现在工信部设备认证中心网站上,并拿到了上市所需的入网许可证,这意味着乐视MAX PRO确有可能如传闻所说的那样在今年三月份正式发售。 配置逆天!乐视乐Max Pro真机上手试玩 获入网许可证根据工信部设备认证中心网站公布的信息来看,此次拿到入网许可证的乐视Max PRO手机型号为X910,在外形上与前代产品非常相似,拥有金属机身和无边框设计,虽然支持高通超声波指纹识别技术,但仍将指纹识别传感器安置在机身背面摄像头的下方。同时在手机的主要规格方面,乐视Max PRO还配有6.3英寸2K分辨率触控屏,具备全网通功能,通吃移动,联通和电信的2G 3G 4G网络和支持双卡双待功能,至于机身尺寸则为167×83.4×8.95(mm),重约201克,并提供了银色和金色两种色彩款式选择。抢发骁龙820处理器乐视Max PRO还搭载全新Android6.0系统,并首次内置骁龙820四核处理器,主频速度高达2.2GHz,拥有4GB RAM+64GB ROM的存储组合,并装载有400万像素前置镜头和2100万像素主摄像头,配有双色温LED闪光灯和支持OIS光学防抖功能。此外,该机还采用了USB Type-C接口,并配有3400毫安时电池以及支持快速充电功能。乐视Max PRO的其他功能也十分出色,不仅具备全网通功能,而且还支持VoLTE以及最新的802.11ad WiFi规范,将是全球首部支持三频WiFi的手机。同时该机还支持Dolby Atmos杜比全景声,并且也是全球第一款搭载了超声波指纹识别传感器的手机,不仅具备更高的指纹识别精度,而且即使用户在手指沾水的情况下也可以准确识别。传三月开卖由于乐视Max PRO已经拿到了上市所需的入网许可证,所以如果一切顺利的话,那么该机确有可能如传闻所说的那样,在今年三月份正式上市发售。而在此前,业内分析师@潘九堂曾经在微博上的爆料称,乐视Max PRO的产量传闻在一万部左右,并共用了原来骁龙810机型Le Max的一些物料,至于上市时间在今年三月份左右。尽管现在暂时不清楚乐视Max PRO的具体上市时间和相关价格,但外界根据乐视此前的定价策略,预计该机的零售价格很有可能在3500元左右,而购买乐视会员依然可以享受到硬件折扣。不过,以上说法皆为传闻,并且由于三星GALAXY S7和小米5等同样搭载骁龙820处理器的新机也将于2月底或3月份开卖,所以不排除乐视为抢发骁龙820而提前发售该机的可能。相关的主题文章: