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Late "first" folding UAV XPLORER Mini evaluation – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark XPLORER Mini this is a "got up early, catch a late set" story. Over the years CES show will attract consumer electronics manufacturers the most outstanding and innovative products IT manufacturers, to showcase their latest products and technology concepts, or Demo, you can also in this almost the world’s biggest consumer electronics exhibition in the molding or molding products, products of insight into the trend of the next a year. And at the beginning of this year in the CES, the consumption level of the airport can be felt in one of the trends is miniaturization, folding. Which one of the biggest bright spot is the first Qualcomm snapdragon UAV flight platform "YING" based on the air release, it is by the Tencent, XIRO (Shenzhen zero) and Qualcomm jointly developed complete. Tencent’s social attributes, zero technology, coupled with the support of Qualcomm chip manufacturers, this product can be regarded as the strength of the work, but it is like a concept of the product, there is no mass production sale. 16 years of portable UAV HoverCamera debut, emerge in an endless stream, from zero infohold DOBBY raise public offering, GoPro released Karma folding UAV, Xinjiang released portable UAV Mavic Pro, then to HoverCamera production sale, but never saw "YING" (empty shadow maps) on sale. This "empty shadow" YING’s twin brother XPLORER Mini in October finally met with us, we can be understood as "XPLORER Mini YING" is the empty shadow overseas version, the same configuration, just the shell is slightly different, we finally tested the UAV, but have to say, too late, as if the cake. Not much. "No surprise" the shooting CMOS Qualcomm snapdragon 801 processor + Sony IMX214 13 million pixels in the flagship mobile phone is already a perfect fit, similarly, Qualcomm open (Qualcomm® Snapdragon; Flight?) UAV platform, build 801 motherboard based mostly also continue to use the CMOS. XPLORER Mini camera parameters although XIRO did not disclose the specific type of COMS, but judging from the parameters are basically the same, the only difference is that it has a series of similar BEBOP and Parrot fisheye lens, FOV video to 190°. Although it is a fixed lens, but it has ± 15° electronic pitch angle, also相关的主题文章: