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The Spanish -C Ronaldo misfiring Benzema bench 2-2 only 1 points ahead Jiangong Real Madrid – Sohu sports Beijing on September 25th morning 2:452016-2017 season, the Spanish Football League sixth round usher in a focus of the war, leading Real Madrid away to Las palmas. The first half of the match Asensio broke the deadlock at the equaliser. The bench in the second half of the Benzema score, but Arrau Huo sent before the whistle lore, Real Madrid finally 2-2 draw away to Lars Palmas, at present in the table above the leading edge of Barcelona became 1. The two teams in the league history has played 64 times, Real Madrid with 44 wins and 13 draws and 7 losses, 167 goals and scoring 57 goals prevail. On the road, Real Madrid and the Canary Islands team played 32 times, score of 16 wins 9 flat 7 negative, scoring 54 goals to lose 38 balls, a slight advantage. Real Madrid last defeat to Lars Palmas or in the 2001-2002 season, the sixth round, when the Milky Way ships lost 2-4 away. Last season, Real Madrid home court 3-1, 2-1 away beat Las palmas. Compared with the last league line-up, the game Zidane made 5 adjustments to the first 11 people: carvajales to replace Danilo at right back, Marcello injured, Nacho was left back. The end of Modri holiday, to return to the starting place of Kovacich, Asensio is to replace J Ronaldo, play the role of attacking midfielder, striker Benzema played for Mo atta. In addition Navas injury, but did not enter the starting, Marcello, Casey Milo, Mariano and Fabio Coentrao Pepe were injured, not because of technical reasons. Fourth minutes, Asensio sent straight plug, C long ball restricted area before the right foot hit the door. Sixth minutes, cross road closed area left foot shot was goalkeeper. Eighth minutes, she sends out, Morata header by Balaz on the line of single palm, then cross out the front corner, Morata outflanking top. Fourteenth minutes before the forbidden area, the ball hit the door morata, suspected of playing in the opponent, all the people are paying attention to whether the referee a penalty, C Ronaldo high-speed plug, left foot hit the door closed road is blocked in the back. After 1 minutes, Modri ball cross, C Luo before the area right foot heavy shelling door, the ball struck the post flying out of the bottom line. Eighteenth minutes, Modri sent pass, morata restricted left side foot hit the door was the keeper. 1 minutes later, the right plug assists Carvajal sent outside, Baer restricted Youlei hit his left foot hit the door was blocked in the back. Then Palmas organized a counterattack, Biela received Momo pass, the closed road outflank the right foot hit the door slightly deflected. Twenty-fourth minutes, mesa in midfield to prevent Modric free kicks, the referee warned the Las palmas. Twenty-sixth minutes, Baer restricted area before the ball for inserting the Carvajal, Spain defender ball horizontal plug to Morata, Real Madrid in the right foot tuishe blocked. 1 minutes later, Biela received a pass at the closed road, right foot hit the door was casiglia confiscated. Thirty-third minutes, Nacho assists to the front restricted left side).相关的主题文章: