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Kumho tire again gains good design award Kumho tire again won world-class design award. September 29th, 2016 good design Award (Good Design Award 2016, G-Mark) announced, Kumho tire’s "Eco Sense SE11" and "Shule Chi SOLUS HA31" two products to obtain transport equipment and facilities in the field of industry awards. So far this year, Kumho tire has won the German iF design award, the German Red Dot Design Award, IDEA Design Award and good design this world four design awards, show that the design ability has been recognized all over the world. It is worth mentioning that this is the Kumho tire since 2014, for third consecutive years won the good design award in favor of. This award by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO) host, known as "Oriental design Oscar prize of international design awards, is the most traditional Japanese is the most authoritative, but also one of the four major awards recognized the design community, has been held this year to fifty-ninth. Excellent design award in the product, space, media, system, solve the five field method respectively in the awards, will run for each product design, practicality and innovation level, comprehensive evaluation, the winners awarded "G-Mark" award. Kumho tire this year for new products "market launch of the Eco Sense SE11 of Japan" is a green tire, the use of semi lightweight high strength to greatly reduce the weight of the existing tyre, and improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, by strengthening the 3 main drainage trough and the center block rigidity, to improve the drainage function and driving stability, these characteristics make the tyres once available, in the green of the Japanese market highly acclaimed.   in addition to a winning product "Shule Chi SOLUS HA31" is an all-weather tire, reflected from its printed sidewall for all seasons of the sun, snow, cloud icon can be seen, the year regardless of the temperature, either dry or humid, HA31 have a manipulating color. In the winter snow road will make the driver feel obvious traction. Its performance is enhanced by single pattern design. This tire is not the first time winning, in fact, as early as in the "HA31 2015 Korea good design" and "2016 German iF Design Award" in the success of the summit, is a has been proved its excellent design of tire products. Science and technology change life, and how to perfect the integration of science and technology and design aesthetics, practical use and consumer demand is a new topic of enterprise development. Kumho tire in the field of technology development in recent years to accumulate steadily, become the four largest design award "Ever-victorious general", fully demonstrates the design of competitive Kumho tire has been recognized by the global industry. Study on the technology of Kumho tire division general manager Jeong Taekgyun said that the future will bring cutting-edge technology and quality as the foundation, strengthened on the basis of products and design capabilities, improve Kumho as an international tire wheel.相关的主题文章: