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Knights to Carrefour for offseason trading chips exposure – Sohu hopes love sports Beijing time on February 16th, according to ESPN reports, sources said the knight to Carrefour away, and hope to get the star player in return, not only that, like other players also sell sweet amber list in cleveland. Since joining knight, Carrefour’s performance has always been not satisfactory, his condition is inferior to the effect during the Timberwolves, although in the summer of last year and Kevin Knight contract, but from the current point of view, he may not be in Cleveland in long-term planning. According to the sources, the knight intends to send off happiness, it is worth mentioning that, including the Celtics and other teams, are the potential home of Le fu. So far, Carrefour in effect during the Cavaliers, averaging 33.1 minutes, will send 16.1 points and 10 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 42.7% shooting. For the Cavaliers, if they eventually send off happiness, they obviously hope to get enough attractive chips in return. The news source said, in the process of trading Carrefour, hoping to get the knight star player in return, to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Carrefour, and they have no interest as future draft picks or role players like chips. Of course, as the trading deadline approaches, if the knight wants to successfully send off Le Fu, obviously also has the difficulty. It is reported that, in the opinion of some NBA team executives, knight to Carrefour away are more likely in the offseason, because the knight also wants to look at Carrefour in coach tyronn Lue tactical system of play, especially in the postseason. In addition, in order to enhance the success probability of red crown, Knight also wants to upgrade the lineup, including the previously players defender Macleay Mo, Kyle Korver and the king, and the knight "gossip spread". Sources said, in addition to Mo Gefu, incense Alpert Knight intends to send players also. On the pitch, sweet Alpert is a defensive player, just last summer and the knight contract, so far this season, he averaged 6.2 points and 3.3 rebounds data for 1 steals. (Fu Yun)

骑士送乐福索要筹码曝光 休赛期交易爱神希望大-搜狐体育   北京时间2月16日,据ESPN报道,有消息源称,骑士有意送走乐福,并希望获得明星球员作为回报,不仅如此,像香珀特等球员也在骑士兜售名单之列。   自从加盟骑士之后,乐福的表现始终无法令人满意,他的状态也逊色于效力森林狼期间,尽管在去年夏天乐福与骑士续约,但是从目前来看,他或许并不在骑士长期计划中。   据消息人士透露,骑士有意送走乐福,值得一提的是,包括凯尔特人等球队在内,均是乐福的潜在下家。   到目前为止,乐福在效力骑士期间,场均出场33.1分钟,能送出16.1分10.0个篮板2.3次助攻,投篮命中率为42.7%。   对于骑士来说,如果最终送走乐福,那么他们显然希望能得到足够诱人的筹码作为回报。有消息源称,在交易乐福过程中,骑士希望能得到明星球员作为回报,从而填补乐福离去留下的空缺,同时他们没有兴趣得到像未来选秀权或者是角色球员之类的筹码。   当然随着交易截止日期的临近,如果骑士想要成功送走乐福,显然也存在较大难度。据悉,在一些NBA球队高管看来,骑士要送走乐福更有可能会在休赛期,因为骑士方面也希望看看乐福在主帅泰伦-卢的战术体系下的发挥,尤其是在季后赛中的表现。   除此以外,为了能提升冲冠成功概率,骑士还希望升级替补阵容,此前包括老鹰球员科沃尔以及国王后卫麦克利摩在内,均与骑士传出过“绯闻”。   有消息人士称,除了莫兹戈夫之外,香珀特也是骑士有意送走的球员。在球场上,香珀特是一位防守型球员,去年夏天刚与骑士续约,本赛季至今,他场均数据为6.2分3.3个篮板1.0次抢断。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: