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Julian Cheung Chen Jianbin met Jiang Qinqin taking ridicule thick gunpowder – Sohu Sohu Chen Jianbin entertainment entertainment news this Saturday night "the first grade", many sisters waiting for the old man is not God and Julian Cheung finally return. As the Cobain tutor, Julian Cheung first met Chen Jianbin was a bit nervous, but exports to ridicule Chen Jianbin wife Jiang Qinqin, Chen Jianbin seems to be unhappy. In the face of intense battle between the two, the smell of gunpowder was aggravated, in order to let the students win more recount. So, two instructors for the first time positive PK, and what will be the highlights? The suspected "regression of offending Chen Jianbin mentor Julian Cheung, not only let the Yan control were finally able to feast their eyes in the next show, is to fight a lone battle assistant Anita Yuen more than a strong pillar of the whole group so Cobain morale. In the face of small group Cobain momentum and intense battle group, in group did not dare to relax. And Julian Cheung and positive confrontation between the two instructors, users have become the focus of attention. According to the program group broke the news, just saw the return of Julian Cheung Chen Jianbin’s notoriously strict, actually is also a bit nervous. In order to ease the atmosphere, Julian Cheung talked about once worked with Chen Jianbin and his wife Jiang Qinqin: "the bride with white hair for me!" The results of Chen Jianbin’s face suddenly sank down, it seems to laugh at his wife, Julian Cheung dissatisfaction, the atmosphere between the two is also a little embarrassed. In the program after the Chen Jianbin is demanding for the students, it seems to be a higher than the meaning of Julian Cheung. But there are users that is just a trivial matter: two people with a different class was originally to compete against, Chen Jianbin is not so easily offended." Confront the tricks as auditors and Cobain tutor, Chen Jianbin is a vigorous and resolute style and teacher, and Julian Cheung is like a friend sent "sheep". Two contrasting teaching methods, has become the focus of netizens argued: "Chen Jianbin is a brilliant disciple, but Julian Cheung is too relaxed to no effect," Chen Jianbin is so strict that people can not stand, Julian Cheung for the first time, the confrontation with two people, in the end who will be better? Also let countless users who look forward to. It is reported that the battle is the theme of "star imitation debate", in order to students in an atmosphere of tension progress faster, Chen Jianbin and Julian Cheung can be said to be "gexianshentong". In order to better understand the students imitate the trick, Julian Cheung no shelf himself to imitate Lin Chiling, and even resorted to her sister "Dafa" teaches students how to impress Anita Yuen". In the joy of the classroom atmosphere, students said: harvest." Julian Cheung led the Cobain win over Dean Ni Ping’s master class, and Chen Jianbin immediately invited friends speech not resigned to playing second fiddle, Kellogg Scarlett came to help, even uncharacteristically opened "light" friends joke, bursting point in the classroom and frequent, also shouted: "speak almost unbelievable charm!" So, anything out of the two men who will ultimately win? Julian Cheung and Chen Jianbin who will use strength to crush opponents? Look at the honor of the war, come together about!相关的主题文章: