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Jubilee Pavilion. How to deal with various science mothers during pregnancy discomfort – Sohu mother "pregnant" is a major event in life, he not only represents the birth of a new life, but also means a new beginning, a new hope. However, in anticipation, dance for joy to embrace the new life at the same time, mothers must go through 10 months of hard journey — nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, breast distending pain…… "Frequent micturition" is a normal physiological symptoms in general terms. The so-called "frequency", mean daytime voiding times more than 7 times, more than 2 times more than the night voiding, and voiding intervals within 2 hours. In pregnant mothers, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy, it is easy to have the symptoms of frequent urination. The reason this happens is that pregnant mothers after the uterus will gradually become larger, pressure to the bladder, so that pregnant women have to urinate, and frequent urination. The first 3 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers are particularly vulnerable to frequent urination; to fourth months of pregnancy, the uterus due to pelvic cavity into the abdominal cavity, the symptoms will gradually slow down. But in late pregnancy, because of fetal head position decreased, the bladder again oppressed, frequency of symptoms became obvious, and even sometimes leak urine situation. To ease the way to alleviate the pregnant mothers urination phenomenon, from the daily life and the water consumption change start. Add water to moderate daily; go out if there is urine, must be timely toilet, try not to hold back, so as not to cause bladder inflammation or bacterial infection. In addition, the expectant mother to understand, is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy will occur in frequency, urine leakage, psychological need not feel feel shy, caused by psychological pressure. Before going to sleep at night, to avoid a large number of drinking water. Back pain in late pregnancy, weight gain, due to hormonal changes, with the mother’s "stomach" gradually become larger, mobility, backache, leg cramps, edema of lower extremity and consequent. Ease mothers do not stoop, downward pressure, spine will can’t help bend, thus causing backache. Let the weight average on the skeleton, "upright" is a effective method to prevent backache. In addition to remind mothers to do anything to avoid a sudden, explosive action, so it is easy to cause ligament injury — slow beat, can not only protect the fetus and their own safety, but also a good way to avoid backache. Appetite to change some mothers during pregnancy can not eat acid before and after pregnancy but they fell in love with cranberries; some pregnant mothers before no spicy unhappiness, became pregnant after more sweet love…… This change is due to hormonal changes in the body. Many mothers in sickness, appetite more will be significantly weakened, what they don’t want. To ease the way mothers to avoid eating too heavy taste of food, containing sodium salt; eat too salty, sweet food easily lead to the occurrence of hypertension during pregnancy; in cooking food to use less salt, sugar, fully enjoy the food authentic, avoid eating pickled food; of course, as.相关的主题文章: