Jolin and friends riding a bicycle to play friends your underwear… steam_api.dll

Jolin and friends riding a bicycle to play friends: your underwear… Jolin and his friends goes out to play according to Taiwan media reported "ETTV cloud", after Jolin days before with a metallic red windbreaker appeared "the greatest love" concert, she jokes that the super blind lie in Taiwan on the stage is to put their own daily dress, didn’t expect the next day she was wearing this a Ubike dog clothing, eye-opening fans, but was later found in fact that is a business of the photos, and recently she was riding a bicycle to go out to play, the fans immediately knock bowl: "elder sister, said the daily dress?" Jolin Jolin recently took advantage of a rare idle dog, go out to play, wearing a white shirt collocation shorts, she was wearing a baseball cap on the head, not carefully to see if it is difficult to find the original days even at his side, she rode a bike to enjoy the breeze, in the evening after sunset, upload from the pictures laugh very bright, it had comfortable, comfortable time. But fans found, has said in the past show daily dress shirt is Jolin, the "Daily" how changed, the fans immediately shout: "elder sister is wearing the wrong clothes? It’s not a day to wear." But there are also fans more care about her white T-shirt seems too awful, "your inner beauty is partly hidden and partly visible lingerie… So shy".相关的主题文章: