Join the rest of a leisurely Hot pot tea taste – and Sohu pppd-175

Join the rest of a leisurely Hot pot tea taste – Sohu and the weekend leisure, only the delicacy and delicious to deserve this beautiful day. In the convergence of China hotties fashion, taste from exotic rich desktop, enchanting, tough Hot pot, proud, tall, sexy these words instantly floating in the mind. Is another reason for the title is and friends talked about the mobile phone, the HUAWEI Ascend P6 pink, blue HUAWEI glory 8, pink fresh with impressive atmosphere, strong blue reveals a kind of innate and coquettish Sao of. A restaurant in Sanlitun to fight not only taste, service, environment, decoration, the spell is more Yan values, is about "demon Sao". There was a saying to Sanlitun what you wear are not strange, between wear or not to wear only lies in the individual choice, what looks are not surprised, but is a COSPLAY game. There is a phenomenon in the business, brand and business industry is not what would be easy to success, then will anyone know Quanjude, cheap square, walk, Green Tea, grandmother, a flower leaf, Dong Laishun, jubaoyuan, Phoenix is the restaurant? Occasionally found a name very strange restaurant on the street or network in the world, there is the impulse to want to taste, people’s heart so Lieyan was activated by businesses. For the first time, "gather together cò u cò U" this name, really pondering over a long time, the word read what? Just as met as sipping Xiabu (xiabuxiabu). Because the name I walked into the restaurant, taste it is also good to remember, to become homely food. Novel bar dining style and the perfect combination of traditional hot pot, creating a new fashion bar hot pot. Similarly, the scrape is also to give me this feeling, asked for a long time the degree of mother, only to know what these two words. Join the polymerization, appearance, do not know to understand people together we look good? But pretty close together, many banquets. Delicacy is to achieve the ultimate luxury connoisseurs, that is a business can not accept, but do delicious makes most people not tired, is no ground for blame. Taiwan delicacy has a soft spot, he better continue China traditional delicacy, the taste of eight party gathered a small plot of land, people pour in food more emotional. Unlike cities such as Hongkong and Macao, where the colonists ruled for many years, the food was more exotic. "Join the Hot pot tea, rest" desktop material had a strong Hot pot fashion leisure gene. Hand after tea, tea master hand, traditional Black Tea, Green Tea, oolong tea, fruit drink, Pu’er tea is made with milk, ice and caramel are drinks. Desktop + Yang Xiezai pot spicy mushroom + tomato veal bone Taiwanese spicy: beauty is called beauty, is Zhilu summer winter, Tibet, color of spring, autumn, and no pollution or induced, but not chaotic subtleties, this is a desktop feel hot. Duck cattle相关的主题文章: