Jobs made the apple spaceship headquarters exposure can accommodate 12 thousand employees

Jobs made the apple spaceship headquarters exposure can accommodate 12 thousand employees according to the "fortune" reported that Apple’s new headquarters with Steve? Jobs (Steve Jobs) of the original idea of getting closer. Recently, two Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfeld documentary director announced they were through the development of new headquarters drones to shoot the apple "spaceship" construction, and every month they will announce the latest progress on Apple’s new headquarters building. In the video the latest progress in the construction of the new headquarters employee fitness center and R & D center covers an area of 100 thousand square feet is very fast, especially in the development of the main building, from the outside looks as if it has been completed. At the same time, landscaping work is in progress, the park around the planted forests, two main parking lot looks can be put into use; solar panel ring main roof installation is also half done; and can accommodate 12 thousand people underground gift hall is the apple entered the construction phase of heavy. Within Apple’s new headquarters, construction teams are cleaning up the space needed to build gardens, ponds and outdoor dining areas. Sinfeld said Apple’s new headquarters building is a ring structure, the middle is a large courtyard, the wall will be as high as 57 feet on average, up to a maximum of 75 feet. Steve · Jobs has said that the new building is like a spaceship landing". In the construction of the new headquarters of Apple reportedly, Apple’s new headquarters "spaceship" design and location are personally finalized by Jobs before his death, and later approved Cupertino, over the past few years has been under construction. Apple plans to move to new headquarters in early 2017. After completion, Apple’s new headquarters office space will reach 2 million 800 thousand square feet, can accommodate up to 12 thousand employees, becoming one of the world’s largest office buildings. Currently, the construction of Apple’s new headquarters into the final stage, many construction sites have begun to evacuate the crane, the facade is close to completion. Workers are building external walls and installing solar roofs. Roberts said that the spacecraft roof solar panel installation work has been completed about half.相关的主题文章: