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Ji’nan Quancheng Square next "civilized ban" walking the dog stall, full stop before the spring of Guang’an security personnel and public security, urban management and other departments together to discourage traders stalls. Data photos, National Day approaching, Quancheng Square centralized rectification activities started in full swing. Quancheng Square Management Service Center, the joint public security, urban management and other departments, and more initiatives to governance small traders set up their stalls, people walking and other uncivilized behavior, for visitors to create a safe, civilized and orderly environment for the tour. "Before taking children to the square, it was often besieged by a number of vendors selling inferior toys."." Ms Wang believes that these small traders pulled down the "living room" image, should control as soon as possible. "Since the spring wide car chaos wear parked phenomenon after treatment, go for a walk and feeling much better, also more secure, the management of liquidity traders once again let me wide spring." Mr. Liu said that Quancheng Square, as the "big living room" of Ji’nan, should greet the eight party guests in such a clean and civilized manner. Citizen Liang Qingmei also called the public hotline to make recommendations, "during the national day, Quancheng Square will usher in the peak passenger flow, and there will be a large number of foreign tourists to come, Quancheng Square is the window of the city, the maintenance of the image is to maintain the image of Ji’nan. Stall, walk the dog, throw whip and other uncivilized behavior should be treated as soon as possible." On the evening of 21, reporters in the Quancheng Square lotus fountain near to see, security personnel are on the small traders to dissuade. Reporters observed that, in addition to set up stalls in the small traders, some holding toys around the "peddlers" can be seen everywhere. "These people, at first glance, have nothing to do with tourists, two, concealment, mobility is very strong, difficult to manage." Square security team captain Zhang Bo said that in recent days, the security team continued to carry out comprehensive rectification action, every night to strengthen the patrol frequency, timely discourage small vendors. Reporters found that access to information, "the people in Jinan City and government on strengthening the Quancheng Square management notice" has been clearly defined, is strictly prohibited to set up their stalls, selling items, and other activities in the tour vaudeville area. Visitors are not allowed to bring dogs into the premises and shall not catch or injure pigeons in the square. All kinds of vehicles are forbidden to enter the sightseeing area, and the motor vehicles and non motorized vehicles are parked in the underground parking lot or the designated location. For a total ban on stallage, dog and other uncivilized behavior, the Quancheng Square Management Service Center recently launched a focus on remediation. "Early launch of the vehicle governance effect is remarkable, the square has been put an end to the vehicle through the situation.". Recently, the focus of governance is mainly set up stalls and the dog." Spring Canton management service center responsible person, centralized rectification since the beginning of the initial success, many long-term active in the square "stubborn" vendors have been evacuated. Create a national civilized city, as the "big living room" of Quancheng Ji’nan, Quancheng Square will "civilization first", to carry out governance square uncivilized behavior, advocate citizens civilized tour, create a good tourist environment.

济南泉城广场再下“文明禁令” 摆摊、遛狗等全面叫停 日前,泉广安保人员与公安、城管等部门一起劝阻摊点商贩。 资料照片   国庆节临近,泉城广场集中整治活动全面启动。泉城广场管理服务中心将联合公安、城管等部门,多举措治理小商贩摆摊设点、市民遛狗等不文明行为,为游客营造安全、文明、有序的游览环境。   “之前带孩子到广场,经常会被多个卖劣质玩具的小商贩‘围攻’。”市民王女士认为这些小商贩拉低了“大客厅”的形象,应当尽快治理。“自从泉广车辆乱穿乱停现象得到治理后,去散步感觉好多了,也安全多了,这次治理流动商贩再次让泉广面目一新。”市民刘先生表示,泉城广场作为济南的“大客厅”,理应以这样整洁、文明的面貌迎接八方来客。   市民梁青梅也曾拨打市民热线电话提出建议,“国庆节期间,泉城广场必将迎来客流高峰,而且会有大批外地游客到来,泉城广场是泉城窗口,维护泉广形象就是维护济南形象。摆摊、遛狗、甩响鞭等不文明行为都应尽快治理。”   21日晚,记者在泉城广场荷花喷泉附近看到,安保人员正在对小商贩进行劝阻。记者观察发现,除了摆摊设点的小商贩之外,一些手里拿着玩具到处转悠的“流动商贩”随处可见。“这些人乍看起来跟游客没什么两样,隐蔽性、流动性都很强,治理起来难度大。”广场保安队队长张波说,连日来,保安队持续展开综合整治行动,每晚加强巡逻频次,及时劝阻小商贩。   记者查阅资料发现,《济南市人民政府关于加强泉城广场管理的通告》中已明确规定,严禁在游览区域内摆摊设点、兜售物品、杂耍卖艺等活动。游客不得携犬入内,不得捕捉、伤害广场鸽。禁止各种车辆进入游览区,机动车辆和非机动车辆一律停放在广场地下停车场内或指定位置。   为全面禁止摆摊设点、遛狗等不文明行为,泉城广场管理服务中心于近日展开了集中整治。“前期展开的车辆治理成效显著,目前广场已经杜绝了车辆穿行的情况。近期,治理重点主要是摆摊设点和遛狗。”泉广管理服务中心相关负责人称,集中整治启动以来已初见成效,不少长期活跃在广场的“顽固派”商贩已经撤离。   创建全国文明城市,作为泉城济南的“大客厅”,泉城广场将“文明先行”,全力展开治理广场不文明行为,倡导市民文明游览,营造良好的游览环境。相关的主题文章: