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Wikipedia founder Jimmy? Welsh: Internet dreams – the media – people.com.cn original title: Internet dreams (Internet cafe show (19) Jonathan Backman) founder of the center for Internet and society at Harvard University? Zittrain said, Jimmy? Welsh is the history of human knowledge is one of the greatest creation, he is not only a an Internet entrepreneur, is an idealist who yearn for freedom. Unlike other computer – based Internet entrepreneurs, Wikipedia founder Jimmy, a PhD in economics from Indiana University, graduated from. In 1966, Jimmy, Welsh was born in a small town in the state of Alabama called the United States, childhood education in a small private school run by her mother and grandmother. In 1994, Welsh decided to leave academia in business, and to the development of Chicago, and a period of vigorous development, until 1998 to coincide with the world wide web, Jimmy? Welsh moved to Santiago and opened an Internet company, is the official opening of his trip to the internet. Welsh is obsessed with the notion that anyone can edit an online encyclopedia, which grew up in his parents’ world of bookmarks. A 1999 create a great sensation on the "Encyclopedia Britannica" full volume news online for free download of the query and brought him inspiration, so he had to create a truly open and free online encyclopedia ideas. Although the final Encyclopedia Britannica Online version of the free lunch can not last long – only two years later, the site was forced to charge the user because of business difficulties. However, under the efforts of Jimmy – Welsh, a new free online encyclopedia website was born, which is the predecessor of Wikipedia. However, Rome was not built in a day. Welsh found at the beginning of the line on the line when the elite line impassability, has been plagued by. Until recently, when he found a wiki — an open source collaboration software, all of this problem was smoothly done or easily solved. In January 15, 2001, the English version of the Wikipedia officially published. Today, Wikipedia has 285 versions of different languages, with more than 20 billion views per month and more than 516 million individual visitors. It is the world’s fifth most visited website, ranking only behind Google, YAHOO, Microsoft and facebook. According to estimates, if Wikipedia wants to advertise, the value of up to $5 billion. However, if you want to put the results of the work of the people of the selfless dedication of commercial sales, which deviates from Welsh’s original intention to create Wikipedia. It Consulting Firm of New York and head of the YAHOO board of Michael Wolfe? Said, "this matter contradiction is, to prevent the development of Wikipedia to become a rich profitable things, is what makes it so valuable things." As the founder of Wikipedia and the world’s most famous Internet propaganda free tour speaker, Welsh was named "young global leader" of the title, and even boarded the "time" magazine named "2006)相关的主题文章: