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Jiangxi County Court procuratorate to recruit 542 people – Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Jiangxi County Court procuratorate to recruit 542 people in Nanchang City Intermediate People’s court plans to recruit 10 people, including 8 people Gang assistant judges, judicial police gang of 2 people, the judicial technical post and judicial administrative Gang each one. 7, the reporter was informed that the two counties of Jiangxi province in 2016 the court and the procuratorate unified civilservants announcement, plans to recruit a total of 542, of which the court system 313, procuratorate system 229. It is learnt that the online registration time is from 9:00 October 10th to 17:00 October 14th, and the registration website is the Jiangxi personnel examination network. The existing civil servants at all levels of people’s courts and people’s procuratorates are not allowed to apply for an examination. At the same time, the overall age requirements: more than 18 years of age, less than 35 years of age (born from October 11, 1980 to October 10, 1998). Among them: the age of the judicial police post, the judicial police post of the procuratorate is: more than 18 years of age, 25 years of age (born from October 11, 1990 to October 10, 1998).   (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun) 江西市县法院检察院招考542人–江西频道–人民网 原标题:江西市县法院检察院招考542人   南昌市中级人民法院计划招考10人,其中法官助理岗8人,司法警察岗2人,司法技术岗和司法行政岗各一人。7日,记者获悉,江西省2016年市县两级法院、检察院统一考录公务员公告发布,招考计划共542名,其中法院系统313名,检察院系统229名。   据悉,网上报名时间为10月10日9:00至10月14日17:00,报名网站为江西人事考试网。我省各级人民法院、人民检察院的现有公务员不得报考。同时,报考的总体年龄要求:18周岁以上、35周岁以下(1980年10月11日至1998年10月10日期间出生)。其中:法院司法警察岗、检察院司法警察岗职位的年龄条件为:18周岁以上、25周岁以下(1990年10月11日至1998年10月10日期间出生)。   (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章: