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Jiang Xin stay adorable meatball head second girl   Jolin Joe Chen on it by age 15! – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: Jiang Xin stay adorable meatball head seconds girl Jolin Joe Chen on it by age 15! Still a pomade hair do not want to wash out the door with? No problem! It’s time to give your hair a Amway meatball! Not only do not pick the ball head of hair, or a woman pretending to see the entertainment tool by age, female stars, since tie ball head, looks all over twenty ~ about Jiang Xin, most people will still miss the enchanting beautiful Fan Shengmei. In the play has only starred two women of the Jiang Xin trip to a big turn, and Lu Yi starred in the new TV series "Jiang Xinyao" blind date turned into adorable fresh female one. Although the age before this, a tie ball head, with round glasses, can not help but sigh, so tender! Jiang Xinzha balls in the new head, wearing loose plain coat styling shines, a giant box round eyes let fans didn’t recognize, it is refined with the "fan girl" image, Yan crown six house Hua Feifan gap is too big, did not expect the fan sister put on closed the clothes is so adorable. Although previous role will bring great contrast, but Jiang Xin himself was very satisfied, but seemingly careless about dressing carefully to the other?. Jiang Xin’s face is not the standard V word face, so when creating the meatball head will head to both sides of the hair fluffy pad, to play the role of modified face, instantly by age is over ten. The recent fall in love with ball head and Dong Jie, her big show cooking in the variety show, said he is not long fat physique. A slap in the face she looks like a little girl, brown brows with the same color of hair color collocation is also good. Whether you have hair or dry hair can be up a whole person, is full of youthful vitality. Shuangsha combination + meatball head eyebrow bangs below, let thirty several days later Jolin returned to 18 years old, youthful exudes a pure sense of Lolita. Tell the truth, compared to those who can not understand before the thunder shaped people, Jolin now more and more makeup! Crescent eyebrow sharp let the other fashion is greatly improved, the inverse age girl twenty today, tomorrow will be sixteen! Before the "filial piety" in Joe Chen’s whirlwind pricked half ball head hot, now the smooth and clean meatball head costume styling is Meng Meng Da, fluffy hair as a whole to bring with the sexy, white and beautiful Jon to sell adorable silk generous, he did not forget to laugh at the "pill sub head, forehead, the son Yintang a light ah!" Is cool and reduce the old meatball head is not to want to tie up?! Whether you have more or less hair, straight or curly hair can be get up! A successful tutorial take. Step1: first you have to be in the long hair, then tie a high ponytail, rubber band tied to some, try to keep the height of cauda equina in the same vertical line with my ears. Step2: Masson divided into two beams, two beams will twist the hair was twisted together).相关的主题文章: