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Jeff Bezos on leadership traits should be selected, pride and prejudice, tolerance of failure removed – Sohu technology [Technews] new generation network technology to subvert the traditional industry enterprise is innovation and win, but everyone will shout innovation, only a few people can do, which can be successful and is one of the few, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the innovation in the subversion of the traditional one, he led the successful recipe innovation of enterprises with their own experience. The first is not proud, he said, success is from the talent and effort, effort is a choice, you should be proud of their choice, such as how to decide to use your talents, there is no hard, there is no effort, no practice, is a choice, not because of their own the gift of. Secondly, the leader must take off their prejudices, often listen to modify their original ideas, he said, life is very complex, the world is also a lot of things, as long as careful observation, you will know the result is not so simple as originally thought, but did not change their inherent ideas of the people of this world is seriously underestimated the complexity. He said companies must have tolerance for failure. He said that failure and innovation are inseparable twins, grow with the company, the scale of the defeat will follow if there is no more large-scale expansion, making mistakes, for Amazon is a warning. The vision is stubborn, but the details of flexibility. He says important things take a long time to complete, so you have to stick to your vision, but on the road to success, you need to constantly modify yourself by doing experiments. There is no failure, no invention, everyone likes to invent, but the problem is that everyone is afraid of failure, he said, "if you know how things will develop, it is not called the experiment. It is only through experiments that the real inventions are obtained. The most important inventions are the errors of the experiment." He believes that everyone has the professional skills, equal to form a comfortable circle, you have to constantly tell yourself not to be afraid of failure, in order to find new things. Amazon is one of the biggest failures is to develop smart phones, Bezos and even hope that Amazon has more of this kind of failure example, a little bigger does not matter. In the face of enthusiasm, Bezos believes that passion is a gift, some people are not particularly interested in things, and cannot be forced to enthusiasm, some people are very lucky to have more than one kind of interest, this is the energy of life, so if you have passion, try to embrace him. About the size of the team he has unique insights, he in the camping campfire as an example, consider the optimal size of a team should be able to talk to each other and share her story in everybody around the campfire, is about 10-12, in order to create interactive nature, do not need too much structure. "It can feed the whole team within two Pizza." Is the best size in his eyes. Of course, if the number of career, team will be more, then you need to be subdivided, but for the optimization of newspaper相关的主题文章: