It’s been the German car unexpectedly from Volkswagen Bora platform – Sohu

It’s been the German car unexpectedly from Volkswagen Bora platform? Sohu – car car [produced] no secret after D60 appeared two years later, Chun school brand has brought its first two models: A70. A copycat car’s appearance, how rich configuration, or super attractive pricing, which is always the domestic car selling point, but not Chun sent A70. It is the biggest selling point is that you only need to spend less than 70 thousand yuan, you can get a Volkswagen Bora A-class car technical skills. The reason is very simple, as Tianjin FAW launched the first A-class car, FAW Group also established a key strategic models, Chun sent A70 research and development in accordance with the FAW China standard system, combined with the technical advantages of TOYOTA and volkswagen. The continuation of the classic German suspension platform collocation, guarantee the stability of the chassis and handling, so Chun sent A70 how? Many people say that the design of Chun sent A70 is "Scirocco". The overall shape of low to high before the body posture, low drag design, not only the full impact, but also can get a better view and trunk space. From the side view design, A column and C column after moving forward, but also make the internal space is further increased, which is absorbed by the Japanese car design concept. Chun sent A70 body size is 4610& times; 1790& times; 1mm, wheelbase 2mm. The interior uses a lightweight and surround design, the control console to the driver side, highlighting the movement and convenience. Barrel type instrument panel, simple shapes, using white light illumination. Security configuration, in addition to all the standard ABS+EBD system, luxury Chun sent A70 equipment version 9 ESP electronic stability system the latest version of BOSCH, can provide the auxiliary braking device (BA), traction control system (TCS), the vehicle dynamic stability control (VDC), TPMS (tire pressure alarm device the high order security function). Automatic luxury luxury also unique ramp start system (HHC). The whole system is equipped with China FAW independent research and development of CA4GB16 naturally aspirated engine, displacement of 1.6L, maximum power 83KW, maximum torque of 155Nm, with matching were 5 speed manual transmission and the second generation of Aisin 6 speed tiptronic transmission. Suspension part of the former Mcpherson independent suspension, rear torsion beam semi independent suspension design, the continuation of the classic German platform suspension with a good chassis stability and control. Chun sent A70 also is equipped with EPS electronic power steering, can provide more lightsome sense of control. Ventilated front disc brake disk, but also effectively improve the performance of the brake system, safe driving.               相关的主题文章: