Iso 90012008 Quality Management

ISO is abbreviation of International Organization for standardization, is quality management standard which is occurred by ISO. ISO 9001:2008 certificate betrays that product and services of organization is managed according to management system accepted by international and determines that assurance about quality of product and services always goes on . ISO 9001:2008 is a standard which identifies effective quality management system . When organization meets requirements of this standard, it can take ISO 9001 certificate. This certificate shows that product and services are produced suitable to standard accepted by international. Standard was developed by ISO (International Organization for standardization) which central of it is in Switzerland at Geneva. More than 90 countries are member of ISO. Power of accreditation of certification bodies were given to .mittees of member countries. Different standards which are developed for similar Technologies in different countries and different Technologies, are named as technical obstacle for trade and these standards are used against producers. Aim of ISO is to prepare recognized ISO 9000 quality management standards by international and to remove like these obstacles in front of trade. What is ISO 9000? : It is out and-outer standards which is to increase customer satisfaction and to establish, to develop quality management system and issued by ISO. What is ISO 9001:2008 ? : During establishing of quality management system applied necessary requirements which was identified, and it is dependency to certification audit. It is name of given certificate. Parts of ISO 9001:2008 1.Scope 2.Normatif standard 3.Terms and definitions 4.Quality management system 4.1 General requirements 4.2 Documentation requirements 5. Management responsibility 5.1 Management .mitment 5.2 Customer focusing 5.3 Quality policy 5.4 Planning 5.5 Responsibility, power and .munication 5.6 Management review 6.Resource management 6.1 Providing of resources 6.2 Human resources 6.3 Infrastructure 6.4 Work environment 7. Product realization 7.1 Plan of Product realization 7.2 Processes related customer 7.3 Design and develop 7.4 Purchasing 7.5 Providing of product and services 7.6 Control of monitoring and measurement tools 8.Measurement, analysis and improvement 8.1 General 8.2 Monitoring and measurement 8.3 Control of non-conformity product 8.4 Data analysis 8.5 Improvement Benefits of ISO 9001:2008 Increasing of operation image in market (prestige) Providing of different from rivals in market actions Operation from benefit of certificate which is available in international (demonstrating of quality for export) Increasing of costumer satisfaction and costumer allegiance Decreasing of fault ratio, wastages, again operating Doing as effective of input, production and last control Providing easily in supplier selection, evaluation and following Providing easily in determining and distribution of powers and responsibilities inside operation Occurring of documentation (infrastructure) which makes standard of operation actions Occurring of infrastructure which keeps regularly records in the past Doing of situation analysis with data’s and statically measurements and making decision for future with analysis results Steping impotant in institutional way Make Sure Your Lpg Gas Supplier Is An Industry Accredited One By: ThompsonGas – Selecting a high-quality propane supplier is something that you must do carefully to ensure the most reliable and cost-effective service. 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