Is released video captured British teenagers shot his father recognized his son-cancam

IS released video captured British teenagers shot his father recognized his son data figure: in 2004, JoJo was born when the family portrait original title: IS released is the son of a video shoot captive British teenagers father suspected assailant (Figure) extremist terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) cruel and obvious to people. They use extreme thinking to brainwash young people and engage in terrorist activities. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 27th, IS26 released a new film, the film impressively 5 teenagers, armed inmates executed. An English father recognized one of the children who was only 13 years old JoJo. In the film, five uniformed youths armed with guns, arranged in a row. In front of them were 5 prisoners in an orange prison uniform. They all face the camera. According to reports, a British father recognized one of the boys as their son, JoJo. For security reasons, JoJo’s father declined to be named in an interview. He said: "JoJo is very clever, is a normal boy. Often catch insects in the park. I should have stopped it. But it’s too hard." JoJo’s father said that the child had been brainwashed by her mother. Son’s mother Jones (Sally Jones), is also an englishman. She gave birth to 2004 JoJo and soon divorced her husband. Then she began to believe in Islam, and in 2013 she carried her 10 year old son, JoJo, to Syria. At present, Jones has become one of the most wanted terrorist organization of United nations. According to reports, Jones took JoJo to Syria, has repeatedly on the social network released terrorist threat information, and you will be wearing a black veil, handheld AK47 photos uploaded to the network.相关的主题文章: