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IPhone7 innovation or domestic suppliers have been met with orders on the order of iPhone7 innovation is difficult to meet the ceiling? Domestic suppliers are not optimistic about the order each reporter Meng Qingjian early in the morning of September 8th, the iPhone7 conference is still in the global consumer expectation in. After experiencing rapid growth in the past 5 years, and the supply chain innovation dividend apple looks exhausted, need a product to make consumers believe it still represents the direction of innovation, and boost the decline in market share, but whether it is innovation or external environment, iPhone7 may be difficult to bear this responsibility. The new iPhone 3.5mm cancelled traditional headset interface, use double camera and A10 processor, and cancel the fuselage waterproof and dustproof mechanical home key and many other changes, Apple executives said, Apple will be moving in a wireless future development, but compared with iPhone4 and iPhone6, iPhone7 are still being questioned the lack of innovation. Not only the industry observers continue to be optimistic about the suppliers of new Apple’s orders can also continue to worry about. Shenzhen, an apple mobile phone core vendor executives to accept the daily economic news reporter, said: from product design projections, new products may not be more optimistic than iPhone6S." Innovation refers to the ceiling encountered in accordance with the previous iPhone big update two years, a small update of the release rhythm, the market is full of expectations for iPhone7. But a new generation of iPhone from either the processor or camera, waterproof and dustproof design on the outside, few people think this is a fresh sense of the machine, and feel more innovation is mainly reflected in the cumulative innovation continuity, rather than from 0 to 1 breakthrough. Sun Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute analysis, iPhone7 conference once again exposed the Apple hardware, software innovation is experiencing the ceiling. IP67 waterproof technology is a relatively old technology, a few years ago Chinese era feature phone already exists, can be solved within 1 meters 30 minutes of waterproof, but not the real solution to the waterproof…… Two cameras are used only in the iPhone7 plus, but not with iPhone7, see that Apple does not solve the small size iPhone7 is equipped with power consumption and structural adjustment problems brought by using dual camera, the camera is more like apple in the mobile phone brand is China led. Cook took the length of time the processor performance, but in fact, the intelligent mobile phone to enter the era of excess performance, iPhone6 configuration is sufficient to meet the current consumption of mobile phone application, iPhone7 than the iPhone6s speed is also very difficult to feel." By faster release rhythm and small step run innovative applications, local brands continue to erode the apple market. The apple is strictly design deficiencies caused by continuously introducing some attractive new features: for example of fancier dual cameras, OLED curved screen and fast charging. At the same time, China’s product theory相关的主题文章: