IPhone 7 essential artifact airpods was so popular Apple guffaw-ca1816

IPhone 7 essential artifact AirPods was so popular: Apple 3.5mm headset interface to cancel the laughter, the use of iPhone 7 on the inconvenience, but Apple also gives the best solution, that is 1299 yuan to buy AirPods wireless headset. This is called the iPhone 7 essential artifact headphones, after the launch has been sought after by many users. According to a survey conducted by Merrill Lynch for U.S. consumers, 12% of U.S. consumers plan to purchase the new wireless headset AirPods Apple Corp, this product will be available for sale next month. Compared to other wireless headset, AirPods biggest advantage is a special optimization for Apple (can use Apple’s own platform terminal), which greatly simplifies the use of the steps, such as after the removal of near iPhone can automatically complete the matching, and it looks like EarPods is to remove the cable, the only white optional built-in apple W1 chip. Compared to AirPods, Apple Series 2 is much less attractive, in the actual investigation of Merrill Lynch found that only 8% of all respondents intend to buy it. Finally, the next, AirPods hot, Apple will increase at least $3 billion revenue.相关的主题文章: