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"Internet plus government service speed – Politics – newspaper Beijing on 29 September,     (reporter Wu Shan) by the end of 2017, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s government, the relevant departments of the State Council will be the integration of online government service platform, full disclosure of government service items, service standardization, network administration significantly improve the level of. The day before, the prime minister Li Keqiang signed, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on accelerating the" Internet plus government service "work" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), optimize service processes, innovative services, promoting the implementation of data sharing, transparent service, maximum profit convenience, let enterprise and fewer people to run errands, good things, no clogging, sharing the results Internet plus government services development. In accordance with the "opinions", will be completed before the end of 2020, covering the whole linkage, the national Department of coordination, the provincial co-ordination, a network for the "Internet plus government service system, greatly enhance the level of intelligence of government services, government services more intelligent, let enterprise and the masses more convenient, faster and more efficient. How to promote the "Internet plus government service", the "opinions" from three aspects: clear optimization and reengineering of government services. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s government, the State Council departments to fully sort out the preparation of government services directory, the implementation of coding management, and gradually achieve the same thing, the same standard, the same coding". Optimize the online application, acceptance, review, decision, service and other service processes, which can be achieved on the Internet matters, shall not be required to apply to the scene. Accelerate the government affairs online services, so it should be done on the whole online". Innovative online service model, to promote the service of inter regional remote management, cross level linkage management, cross sectoral collaborative management. Full disclosure of information related to government services matters, in addition to a clear guide to the conditions of service, shall not increase their work requirements. The establishment of public participation mechanism, governments and departments at all levels should smooth the Internet communication channels, timely response to social concerns. Integration and upgrading of government service platform channels. Standardize the construction of online government service platform, relying on the government portal, accelerate the construction of an authoritative, convenient integration of Internet government service platform. Government departments to promote the interoperability of the various business systems and government services platform, so that single sign on, full Netcom do". Promote the integration of the development of the hall and the integration of online services platform to achieve seamless convergence of online and offline services, a unified office. Promote grassroots service outlets and online service platform seamless, accelerate the extension of online government services to the grassroots. Consolidate the basis of government service support. Integration of the establishment of a unified data exchange platform system to promote government information sharing. Various departments of the State Council to speed up the integration of public service oriented business system, as soon as possible to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) online government service platform on demand open business system real-time data interface. Hierarchical classification to promote the construction of new smart city, to create a transparent and efficient service-oriented government. Improve the network infrastructure, strengthen network and information security protection, and effectively increase the state secrets, trade secrets, personal privacy相关的主题文章: