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Internet plus flowers Shuyang help economic growth 76 years old about one hundred thousand years into the open shop – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Liu Lin) Jiangsu County of Shuyang province is the famous Huamuzhixiang, planting a long history. The 26 day, the fourth China? Shuyang flowers Festival opened in Shuyang County of Jiangsu province and international city. The reporter learned from the opening scene, Shuyang in 2015, and sales of 8 billion 500 million yuan, of which electricity supplier sales accounted for more than half. New River Zhen Da Ying Cun Liu Zhuang group of 76 year old Dan Yupei’s father, is a member of the county and many practitioners, he opened the shop for elderly self-study, also made good sales and concern, accidentally became the "red net". Dan Yupei taught himself to open shop, not only will the mobile phone will upload pictures, baby, one year also make hundreds of thousands of sales. "The whole network of the old" single father "one finger zen" is better than "Five Fingers Group". Strive for annual sales exceeded 200 thousand!" Single father full of confidence. In Shuyang, and sales in the form of transformation is quietly. "The first basket store, then riding a bicycle out of sales, but also to open the car out in the project, is now the Internet sales, and then any form of sales, is expected." Shuyang known as the "king of flowers" — Jiangsu flower Limited by Share Ltd chairman Li Sheng said with deep feeling. August 8, 2014, Li Sheng’s company as a national agricultural leading enterprises in the new three board successfully listed, becoming the first listed companies in Jiangsu garden. Nevertheless, the rapid change in the sales model, still let Li Sheng emotion. New River Zhen Zhou Quancun is the birthplace of Shuyang flowers, a population of less than 3000 people, has a "Chinese Internet bonsai first village" resounding name in the outside world, the village farmers number 631, the opening of the shop more than 560. The production of 400 kinds of seedling plants and flowers, basically are sold to all parts of the country through the Internet platform. According to statistics, at present, the planting area of nearly 500 thousand acres, planting five categories of more than 3000 kinds of flowers and trees, there are approximately 250 thousand people employed. In more than 30 thousand shops in the county, about 80% of the shop engaged in flower seedlings and ancillary items sales. The types of goods from seed, seedlings, flowers, flowers, bonsai, to materials, everything. Ali Institute of words, that is, 20% of the flowers and seedlings on Taobao sellers in Shuyang". Data show that in 2015 Shuyang’s express delivery reached 55 million, a daily average of over 150 thousand, accounting for more than half of the city; the first half of 2016 net sales of 6 billion 200 million yuan, the courier business volume 34 million 640 thousand, an increase of 124.9%. The county in April 2015 by the national Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance identified as "national e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration counties", the county town village, Yan Yan Huai village of New River town and Quancun was assessed as "Jiangsu province rural e-commerce demonstration village". The county of New River, Yanji, Miaotou town of 3 was named China Taobao Town, the new village, Yan village, Huai Miao tou community 22 village was named Taobao village Chinese". ()相关的主题文章: