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Internet banking into the second half, the rural financial market who lead? Sohu Technology Wen Li East (micro signal: lidonglou) in August this year, the CBRC, the Ministry of public security, network information office, four ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending agency, this is the last year, ten ministries jointly issued a "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking and this year China Internet Finance Association was formally established after the event and a financial impact of the Internet industry development trend. After the release of the way, a lot of media and even shouted P2P net loan is dead, and worried about the future development of Internet banking. However, in my opinion, this is good news to the Internet financial industry, this means that Internet banking has bid farewell barbaric growth stage, into the track, on the other hand also means that a new round of market competition has already begun, Internet banking has officially entered into the second half. In the second half of the competition, has been basically no policy gaps, not only need legal compliance, but also need to find a piece of blue ocean, especially not confined to the city white-collar market, but it should be the Internet banking platform to sink, while the rural financial market into many Internet financial enterprises view. The unlimited potential of rural financial market, giants and start-up companies have entered the Bureau on the one hand, countries are increasing in recent years to support agriculture, and resolve the "three rural" issues raised to the national strategic level. This month, Xinhua news agency released the "opinions" on the implementation of the development of the new concept to accelerate agricultural modernization to achieve a comprehensive well-off goal, which is not only the reform and opening up nearly 18 years since the first "three agriculture" as the theme of the document No. 1, is since 2004 central Document No. 1, thirteenth times continuously focus on agriculture. In 2016 the two sessions of the prime minister’s government work report, it is proposed to speed up the development of modern agriculture, and promote farmers continued to increase income. In order to implement the new concept of development, accelerate the modernization of agriculture, farmers continued to increase, the state promulgated the policy support, financial support for agricultural insurance policy to establish national agricultural credit guarantee system and the development of rural cooperative financial policy and other related policies and measures, which means that the rural market will have a very large potential for growth in the next few years. On the other hand, the rural financial market is still a blue ocean, according to the latest China social academy of the "three rural" Blue Book of Internet financial data, China’s "three rural" financial gap has reached 3 trillion and 50 billion yuan. The survey also showed that only 27% of rural households in China can get loans from formal channels, more than 40% of the financial needs of farmers are difficult to obtain loans, rural credit cooperatives, supply and marketing cooperatives and other institutions due to long processing time, slow, and complex human relationship lending, it is difficult to meet the needs of farmers loans pain points and financing for real. This left a huge market space for more innovative financial companies. In fact, the current rural financial market is not a piece of the opportunity to see gally, including Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other commercial enterprises already in the electricity supplier to the countryside in the process, and have launched a rural financial products,.相关的主题文章: