International remittance OPEC Canada crazy down compromise agreement borderland

International remittance: OPEC Canada fell crazy compromise consistent clients view the latest market on Wednesday (September 28th) the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen and the European Central Bank [micro-blog] President Delaki two influential man debut, but not their speech, limited impact on the market, and the OPEC meeting unexpected results become real main factors that influence the global financial market turmoil the. After nearly 4.5 hours of talks, OPEC unexpectedly reached a production agreement, to ease the recent global crude oil market oversupply situation, under this influence, oil prices jumped nearly 6%. [today focus on financial data and events] on Thursday September 29, 2016 07:15 the Fed’s 2016 FOMC ticket Committee George delivered a speech in Germany the 15:55 9 seasonally adjusted unemployment in Germany 9, seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in August the central bank 16:30 UK mortgage approvals for the 17:00 euro zone economy in September, industry boom index, the euro zone September consumer the German 20:00 sentiment index in September CPI rate initial 20:30 to September 24th when the U.S. weekly jobless claims, the second quarter core PCE price index in the final quarter rate, 20:30 U.S. second quarter real GDP annualized quarter final value, second real personal consumption expenditures and final quarter rate 22:00 U.S. August housing signed sales index, fed governor Powell delivered a speech to 22: The United States in September 23rd to 30 week EIA natural gas inventory and the 04:15 of the next day the Fed’s 2016 FOMC ticket Committee George delivered a speech the next day Fed chairman 05:10 Yellen spoke of gold: Gold overnight continue to new lows, the trend tumbled, operating altitude mainly concern 1325 – 1328 above the pressure, concern below 1318 – 1315 support. Pressure: 1325 – 1328 support: 1318 – 13151325 short, stop 1328.5, target 1318 Canada: Canada overnight break under high shock interval, high operation, about 1.3110 – 1.3140 above the pressure, concern below 1.3030 – 1.3000. Pressure: 1.3110 – 1.3140 support: 1.3030 – 1.3000 1.3110 short, stop 30 points, target 1.3030 Niumei: Niumei continuation triangle shock pattern, the top concern 0.7300 – 0.7310 pressure, concern below 0.7230 support, continue to focus on the interval Powei case days. Pressure: 0.7300 – 0.7310 support: 0.7230 0.7300 short, stop loss of 25 points, the target of Europe and the United States and Europe: Europe and the United States to maintain the range of shocks, below the support of the 1.1200 is still in the top 1.12.相关的主题文章: