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Fun beside you – Liaoning channel: original title: fun on your side on how to mask line pants into parking spaces on the car at the end of the pub sweet personality mask not to make emergency head together in life, interesting picture everywhere, this moment may have been on your side. When the shell is made of paper welder anti baking and steaming "Mask", line pants into emergency shelter from the wind "Mask", freight cars put on the tables and chairs into the tavern…… I believe this moment will be Bo you laugh. People and people, people and things between the dislocation and combination, there will be unexpected moments, or panic, Yao Mexi feeling, even beyond your imagination. A cyclist sleepy hit, just on the street side of the bench lying asleep with a bottle of mineral water at the moment into the pillow. In front of the house, a children’s toy car parked in the parking spaces, which is parking spaces or occupation? In short, anxious to find parking spaces will make drivers look after themselves. In the market, the fruit vendor in the head cut out of a "sweet", to attract buyers of the eyeball, it is better than "every puff" effect is much more. Wonderful from the ordinary life, but also unconventional or whim reflects the wisdom of. We have to make a thumbs up for the wisdom of these people, but also for them to create an interesting picture and point praise. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Sun Hai photo paper (Director: Xiao Yuan, commissioning editor Tang Long)相关的主题文章: